The Lawyer and the Masked Man By TBBM

26 photos; 4:22 video

Vladimir was already rising in the ranks of his law firm and he had only been there for six months. He was young, ambitious, handsome, had a way with his clients and had also managed to sweep in and take the odd case. Some of his co workers grumbled about it but when Vladimir took a high profile case of one of the senior partners, it was time for the young lawyer to be taught a lesson he wouldn't forget.

What Vladimir didn't know was that the high profile case in question was something the senior partner intended to sabotage. He had been bought by the rival of his client, a criminal mastermind who knew too much about all the partners at Vladimir's firm. This senior partner was willing to compromise himself in order to have his secrets kept hidden. Vladimir having no secrets could not be bought so he would have to be dealt with in another way.

The senior partner contacted the criminal mastermind and the latter decided that he would have the go getting younger lawyer dealt with in a way that would see him humiliated but not fatally harmed.

As Vladimir prepped his case and headed for his car, content that he was going to be responsible for putting a very deserving person behind bars, a masked man jumped him from behind.

Vladimir tried to fight best as he could but his assailant had the element of surprise in his favour and it didn't take long for the young lawyer to be rendered unconscious.

Taken to an unknown location, Vladimir had his hands bound behind his back. He was both gagged and blindfolded with thick cloths and he soon realised that this was no random nabbing.

His captor took great pleasure in adding further ropes to keep Vladimir extra secured and as he struggled to free hi self, all the evidence he had worked hard and honestly to get was now taken from him as he was left alone and told by the masked man who grabbed him that he was lucky to be alive and would be let go once the trial was over. Vladimir was also told that reporting his “disappearance” to the cops would be futile as this criminal mastermind had them in his pocket.

Vladimir tried to call out for help but it came to no avail. A week later he would get his freedom and the humiliation of no longer being the golden boy at his firm, little knowing it was one of his own responsible for his humiliating ordeal.


--- The End ---

The Lawyer played by Vladimir
Masked Man played by Jon Storm
Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production: 01/16/2020

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