Ample Opportunity by Gilroy

30 photos; 3:19 video



    It was all too easy.  It shouldn't have been so easy.  I shouldn’t have done it.  But I did.  I couldn’t help myself.  My neighbour Mark was so hot.  He had that hunky cluelessness that only studly straight boys seemed able to pull off.  I had glanced at him shirtless numerous times, taking care to not get caught.  Though I had done it enough Mark had to have been incredibly dense to not know how much I lusted after him.  But Mark was dense. He honestly didn’t know.

    Mark was a bit of a klepto was well.  Spying on him as I did I saw him go through windows, coming out with any number of items.  And that was what gave me the idea.

    It was easy to have a conversation with Mark’s mother, asking her to look after my house.  That I would be out for a day or two. And that someone would be coming by to fix a broken window in my kitchen. Mark over heard us , of course.   The poor women had no idea about her son’s criminal tendencies.  The bait was laid, the trap set.  Now I had to just wait for my hunky mouse to bite.
    Most robberies occur during the middle of the day.  Mark was no exception.  I could hear him climbing up to the window.  He had no problems prying open the window I had so carefully “broken”.  So intent on his work, Mark didn’t even see me until he was well into the window. 
    He stared at me for several seconds, his mind frozen.  He could hardly explain away his coming into my house through the window.  And he was already in too far ito get back out again. Not that it mattered.  He knew I could identify him.
    I wasted no time.  All I had to do was hope Mark didn’t call my bluff .  Luck was with me because Mark didn’t.  Mark was meek as a lamb to slaughter as I ordered him to lie on the floor and tied his hands behind his back.  I could barely contain myself as I saw the bunched muscles of his back and arms straining against the ropes.

    I also took off his shoes.  Not only to further minimise his trying to run away but also because I had a thing for socked feet.  As I thought, Mark had scrumptious looking feet.
    He was probably thinking I was going to call the police and got confused when i marched him up to my room instead.
    “What you doing?” he asked.
    “Right now, shutting you up” I replied as I took out some duct tape and wrapped it around his head.  Soon his cute mouth was tightly gagged.  Mark made pathetic whines from behind his tape gag and almost made me push him against a wall and molest him right there.  But I held back.  He wasn’t quite helpless enough.
    I ordered him to stand in the corner as I made a show to look for more rope to tie his legs with.  I knew where it was, of course. I wanted to see how compliant Mark would be.  The best bondage was mental. And sure enough while Mark tested the ropes that bound his hands, he made no move to escape.  Mark knew he was a prisoner.
    I tied his legs nice and tight up to the knees.  I could see Mark wince as his balls got caught between his legs.  There would be plenty of time to fix that.  But for now I let Mark suffer a bit.  I gave him a smack on the ass that was probably too friendly and then laid him on the floor.


    I sat back on my bed ot watch the show . If Mark was still confused by what was going on, he got his first real clue as I sat on my bed and leered at him.  Mark struggled and moaned. He threatened and pleaded through his gag.  But he did not get loose. I had been waiting for this day too long to not have taken the time to learn how to rope a guy so he couldn’t get loose.  The ropes weren’t too tight to cut off circulation.  But they would also keep my well muscled hostage bound up until I decided to let him go.  Mark could have stayed bound and gagged for days.  If things continued going as well as they did, he would.
    I was losing my ability to resist.  I would have to move to the next phase of my plan soon.  But first I had to have at least a taste.
    I straddled Mark’s prostrate body.  I could feel my bubble butt flex and I knew he could feel my hardening member behind my jeans.  The idea of running myself down the crack of Mark’s ass made me swell.
    I ran my hands across his body.  The fabric of the sweat shirt against his hard muscles was incredible.  I even tucked my hand sup in his shirt to feel soft chest hair.  Maybe it was fear or the friction or something else but Mark’s nipples stuck straight out.  He made a pained moan as I pinched them.  Having an idea I moved my hand to his crotch.  Mark only gave token resistance as my fingers searched.  Sure enough I felt a thick tube like extremity that strained against his pants. 
    I almost gave in right there.   But I had one more thing to do.  I got off Mark and went to the television.  Like any good stalker, I didn’t just watch Mark, I had videotaped him as well.  Mark’s eyes went wide as he saw himself breaking into one house after another.   I didn’t have to say how easy it would be for the police and a few of his victims with criminal connections to get a copy of this.  Even Mark wasn’t that dense.


    Mark gave me a pleading look over his gag.  I had broken him down to a more manageable level.  Hopefully though I hadn’t taken all the fight out of him.  I knew from my stalking that Mark frequently disappeared for days at a time and his mother wouldn't’ be suspicious if he did so again.  I planned on using every second with Mark I had. And with this tape, I was certain I would get more chances.
    I hog tied my captive stud.  He would get release, in more ways then one.  But Mark could wait.  He would have to get used to waiting.  I on the other hand had waited long enough.  I gave myself some well earned relief as I watched my prize struggle hog tied on the floor.

The End

Mark played by Mike
Photography by Caitiff

Dateof Production: 11/26/2008


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