Rope Hand

30 photos; 7:23 video

 Dillon fidgeted his freshly bound hands behind him like it was the next challenge. He enjoyed a round of drinks at the western bar and met a couple cool new friends who asked him to hang with them and talk. They ended up playing truth or dare but with a twist. First Dillon asked truth from Rick and found out he was indeed gay and was available! Dillon needed a new playmate so badly since he had to move to this stinky new town cuz of work. This place really sucked ass but it's best to find opportunity rather than fret about what you don't have. Then Bill asked truth and found out Dillon was not a real cowboy haha but posed like one to look cool. That made everyone laugh then it was Rick's turn and he asked dare to Dillon requesting him to unbutton his shirt so he can check him out. Dillon immediately obeyed and showed off his manly pecs and pale colored skin? "What kind of cowboy r u? Ur white as a ghost dude cowboys r suppose to be tanned and tough built!" "Hey I'm tuff tougher than u man!" Dillon smirked back with an evil grin. It caught the boys by storm and this innocent game now turned into a stand off between the three dudes. It gave Dillon an edge to appear in control and showed his confidence well - even though he asked himself why does this matter so much to them? The two began to fight but only for show. They fought each other wrestling style trying to see who would be strongest as cowboys are really strong inside and out so they say? 10 minutes later Dillon found himself bound up and got pissed and yelled at his so called new friends... "How dare you tie me up! What is the big idea here pick on the little guy?" "Yes! Exactly now SHUT UP! You talk TOO MUCH! "MMMPpppppppphphhhhhhhhh!! mmpphhhhhh!!! MMPPHH!" It took not one but TWO thick cleave gags to shut the boy up. Now Dillon was all into it and struggled like mad thrashing his body 

everywhere with his shirt flapping around like a hurricane... for a lean man he put up tremendous energy into his bondage giving his roped hands an intense workout. He wanted to see if he could break out but the string is just too damn tight! "Sit stay there or you will be lashed for being a naughty steed!" That made Dillon laugh and he struggled in mmphing laughter... "Hahammpphhhahahmmphhhahahmmpmmmmmm!" "So u think we're funny huh? How about now?" Rick held up his whipping rope ready to slap his new gagged cowboy to behave. Dillon thought this whole thing was getting kinky and fast and went with it. He didn't care then... WHACK!! "MMMMMPHPHHHHHH!!!" "Now shut up or u get 2 more!" "MMPPHPHHH! MMMMMMPPHHPHH!!!" Dillon's chest grew bright red from the slapping his heart now pounding from the shock the rope hand gave him. They bound Dillon to the chair to keep him stable and continued to check him out and smacking the hell outta him if he protested. Dillon's ego was soon worn down to soft mmphs from all the excitement. Then they blindfolded him and left Dillon to moan alone. He felt so hard then suddenly exhausted from all the attention but he loved every second of it!! He didn't care if he spent the whole weekend tied up this was just waayy HOTT AWESOME FUN!! Dillon played by Uriah Photography by Caitiff Date of Production:05/11/2011

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