The Reluctant Defector by Caitiff

25 photos; 6:12 video

Sub Commander Sergei Mermerski was not happy. He wanted his money and to be gone.

For weeks now he had been selling information to foreign agents. Nothing too much. But Krolahkastan was a dirt poor country, too poor to pay it’s army commanders a decent salary.

But this time his buyers had kept delaying giving him the money, pressing for more specific information.

Worse, one of them kept calling him Joseph, a not so subtle comparison between Sergei’s thick moustache and a certain dictator’s.

Finally Sergei had had enough. He got up to leave.

“sit down Sergei.” one of the buyers said.

“NO! I want my money or I am leaving. No more information!”

The leader pulled out a small concealed item. “I said, sit down. You’re not going anywhere.”

Sergei sat back down,a cold sweat ran down his face.

“Oh relax. We don't’ plan on hurting you. But we know you have more information you aren’t telling us. So you are going to defect...”

“I would never..!” Sergei interjected.

“Who said you would have a choice in the matter?” The leader nodded to his cohorts who grabbed Sergei by the arms. Sergei was XXXX back tot he wall of the where house. His hands were cuffed to beams on either side of him.

“You’ll never get away with this! Mpppphh!”, Sergei was gagged with a thick blue cloth wedged between his teeth.

“I think we’ve heard enough from you for a while.” The leader said to his prisoner. “Don't’ worry, you’ll have plenty of time to talk once we’ve shipped you to your new home. A few days bound and gagged in a box will make anyone talkative.”


“.... until then we need ot keep you here for a day or two.”

Sergei could only moan into his gag helplessly as he was blind folded and his feet bound with cords.

Sergei struggled in vain against the cuffs that held him. He heard the leader say “I’ll leave you with one of my boys for a while. He’ll make sure you stay... comfortable.

Sergei heard a familiar voice a she felt his shirt being unbuttoned, a hand playing with the sub commander’s bare chest.

“Hey Joseph. Glad we finally got some alone time before you left...”


The End


Sub Commander Sergei Mermerski played by Mickey O'Shea

Photography by Caitiff


Date of Production:01/25/2013

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