In My Hands

21 photos; 8:48 video

    Doug owed a lot of money. Not a few hundred nor even a thousand or two. That wouldn’t justify the shit he was going to have to go through with me.

No, Doug owed me a lot of money. And I was going to take it out of his ass. Fortunately for him, he had a nice ass.

I had my boys pick Doug up from the gym. He was a big time college jock, which seems to be how he developed his little problem of betting on teams he shouldn’t have. He even bet against his own team. Too bad for him he couldn’t screw up quite enough to make sure he won that bet.

They caught Doug in the locker room. He was still in his underwear, not even having had time to get to the shower yet. My guys took their opportunity and “persuaded” Doug to come along.

So here he was, in his wife beater and jock, looking at me all angry and defiant. His hands were tied in front of him.

“Hey man, I said I was going to pay up. You don’t need to do this.”, He said.

“You had two weeks ot pay me. So I decided to take things into my own hands.”

“You do anything to me and my buddies will..”

“Shut the fuck up, dip shit. We both know your buddies will do a lot worse then me if they find out you tried to blow the game.”

Doug didn’t have a response to that.

I ordered my boys to tie him belly down to the work out bench. Doug probably thought we were going to beat him up or something. But that wasn’t what I had planned. I just wanted to make sure I could reach that ass of his.

Doug tested the ropes. His hands were now tied under the work out bench, conveniently out of the way from where he could defend himself. Satisfied he wasn’t going anywhere, I ordered my men out of the room. They knew what I was going to do.

“Hey man, what are you doing?” , Doug yelped as I rubbed my hand over his buns. “Hey! HEY! Stop it! Help! Someone help ..mmmppphh!”

Doug’s futile cries for help were cut off as I shoved a rag into his mouth, sealing it in with some tape. Doug glared at me. It was cute.

“Ok here’s the deal. Normally I break a few bones when I get screwed over by some punk. But fortunately for you I have a thing for athletes, especially the dumb ones. So I will give you a choice. You can spend the next week making me real happy. Or you can get a few choice limbs snapped and then have your football buddies find out about those little best you made against them. Think it over. You have time. About 4 seconds.”

Doug grunted what I presumed was a yes in three seconds. That’s what I loved about negotiating with a guy when he was tied down and gagged. It saved time. There was never much in the way of argument.

I spent a few minutes touching Doug’s bubble butt, imagining all the things I wanted do to with it. Doug had a pretty nice mouth as well. But he had yet to earn the right to not be gagged.

I decided that Doug needed a new position. I untied his hands from the work bench. He put up some token resistance. It didn't’ matter. He had made his devil’s deal. It was to late to back out now.

I tied Doug’s hands above his head to a pipe . I now could touch him where ever I wanted. Doug let out angry grunts from behind his gag in outraged straight boy pride at being handled by another guy. Like I said, it was cute.

However I also couldn't’ let Doug get the idea that he had any control. I grabbed his head and pulled back. Doug’s fearful expression showed me he was beginning to get the message. He was helpless and fucked and he had done this to himself.

“You made your choice.” I said” You can try to at least enjoy yourself or you can piss me off enough to make this.. not so fun.”

Doug seemed to get it. But he also probably still needed some softening up. Straight boy jocks always had such egos.

“Ok I am going to go for a while to give you a chance to settle in. You might want to take that time to think about what would make me happy and thus you happy. I will give you a clue. Doing anything to make me think you tried working on those ropes will not make me happy. And my guys are right outside.

Doug gave me a sad puppy dog face. He wasn’t going to try anything. Even if he did get free from his bondage and somehow escaped, he would still be screwed.

Doug gave me a pitiful moan through his gag as I left him there tied up to the ceiling. It was cute.

The End


Model: Mike

Photography by Caitiff


Date of Production 03/11/2009

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