Stripped by Latoo

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Shadow loved his night job as a private male stripper; great pay, great hours, and of course great regulars who love his work. His real name is Nate and by day he was a boring office drone who worked for a computer company, but at night he was Shadow. His stage name came from his fetish of wearing tight black underwear and black socks during his performances. This was supposed to be just another job like always. He got an email from a guy who wanted a private session with the famous “Shadow”. The email went on to say that this guy whose screen name was Light that he was always a fan of Shadow and wanted a strip show. So, Light emailed the time, place, what to wear, and that Shadow would be paid for his services after the show was finished.

Shadow put on his dress shirt and tie and headed out to the location. It was a pretty nice apartment building and Shadow went up to room 312. He XXXX on the door and went in when a voice yelled “Come on in.” Shadow proceeded to sit down on the chair and read a magazine that was on the nearby table.

Twenty minutes passed and Shadow was starting to feel a little restless so he called out “Hey, are you done in there?” There was no response, but before he could call out again there was a noise behind him.

“Whoa, what the hell!” Shadow jumped off his chair. “What’s going on??!!” The stranger in a gray hoodie with big dark sunglasses appeared holding a concealed item.

“Are you Light?” Shadow staggered trying to regain his composure.

“Haha.” This stranger laughed. “Yes, I am… but my name’s Lance.”

“Oh oh oh ok Lance.” Shadow said. “Now, what’s with the concealed item?”

“This concealed item right here?” Lance waved it around. “Well, it’s for insurance…”

“Insurance?” Shadow questioned.

“Yes.” Lance smiled. “Now, start stripping.”

“Wait a minute…” Shadow sounded scared.

Lance quickly grabbed his tie and said “Boy, I’m not telling you again… NOW STRIP!”

“Ok ok ok.” Shadow stepped back. He had no choice, but to comply. So Shadow undid his tie and unbuttoned his dress shirt.

“SLOWLY!” Lance commanded.

“Geez, ok.” Shadow sighed.

Shadow spent the next ten minutes trying to please Light by slowly taking off his shirt, unbuckling his belt, and pulling down his pants. “Oh yeah…” Lance said rubbing what appeared to be a bulge in his pants. “Take those clothes off…”

Shadow felt very uncomfortable stripping for this dangerous man, but he didn’t have much of a choice. After taking off the last of his clothes, Lance obtained a very evil smile.

“Now, turn around with your hands behind your back.” He stated. “Ok…” Shadow complied. “Just don’t hurt me.”

“Hm.” Lance scoffed. “Just do what I say and you’ll be fine boy.”

Lance held Shadow’s hands together and tied them very tight with a lot of rope.

“Please.” Shadow cried put. “Stop this… this is going too far.” “Be quiet.” Lance smirked as he ripped a piece of duct tape and covered his big mouth.

“Mmmm…” Shadow moaned softly. “Don’t worry boy.” Lance said. “I promise you it’ll all be over soon hehe.” Lance then directed Shadow over to the cardboard box and by directed I mean grabbed his shoulders and XXXX made him sit on the box.

“Have to tie those pretty little black socked feet so you don’t get any ideas about running away.” Lance stated as he was tying up Shadow’s feet.

“…” Shadow sighed in disbelief. “I can’t believe this is happening… what’s he gonna do to me?”

“Now then… one more thing to complete the look.” Lance grabbed Shadow’s glasses and put them on. “Hehe, now you’re lookin fine boy, but there’s something missing.”

“Mmm?” Shadow groaned.

“Ahhh.” Lance exclaimed. “I got it.”

Lance grabbed his coil of rope and tied Shadow’s hand and foot bindings together creating a very tight hogtie.

“Now…. Let’s get you on the floor.” Lance thought as he picked up his cute little package and placed him gently on the floor.

“Ready to begin our little roleplay now?” Lance directed himself at Shadow. “It took a lot of work, but I got everything into place.”

“MMMM!” Shadow shock his head.

“Oh good…” Lance ignored Shadow’s helpless cries. “Let’s begin… I am a level 67 paladin with 35 charisma and I have just capture a bandit who was attempting to steal my gold. Well Shadow the sly bandit, how should I deal with this situation. Should I slay you here and now or let the police handle you?

“Mmmmph???” Shadow did not understand what was going on.

“Oh.” Lance had an idea. “I know how to deal with people like you. I, Lance the Lightbringer, shall cast judgment upon you. “???” Shadow still didn’t understand.

“Haha.” Lance laughed. “Now, I attack you with my +70 staff of penetration swine!”

Lance undid his pants and he did in fact have a very big and erect +70 staff of penetration.

“Now, take it like a man!” Lance screamed as he charged in half-cocked.

“MMMMMMMM!!!!!” Shadow screamed as Lance was approaching at full speed.

The End

Shadow played by Xavier

Light played by JMZ

Photography by Caitiff


Date of Production:03/13/2010

Tags: Story, tape gag, underwear, socks, tape gag, shirtless, twink

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