Greedy Guard by Latoo

28 photos; 4:12 video

Zach went into the designated meeting place which the buyer said was 123 Henry Street with the folder in his right hand.

“What a creepy old house…” He thought as he crept up the rickety wooden front steps.

He tried peering into the window, but it was covered in cobwebs and it was pitch black inside.

“Guess I’ll just go in and wait.”

He slowly opened the door and flipped the light switch and waited in the living room.

About ten minutes have passed and Zach kept nervously checking his watch. “Come on already, I need to be at my post in two hours.”

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.” A voice came from behind.

“Oh, you’re finally here.” Zach stood up. “Let’s get this over with.”

“Yes.” The man stepped out of the shadows of the doorway. “Let’s.”

“Here is the file you wanted full of my company’s secrets as we agreed.” Zach handed the folder over.

The man flipped through it for a few seconds. “Very good. I’m glad a lowly security guard such as yourself could be so useful.”

“Yeah whatever. Can I just get my money already?”

“But of course.” The man put the folder down and reached into a black bag he carried with him and pulled out a concealed item.

“Hey hey. What’s this?” Zach looked at the man.

“Quite simple my dear boy. Did you really think you could go behind our back and sell our secrets to our competitors? So, I set up this little meeting to see who has been leaking information and lo and behold, it was you.” “So, what now? Are you going to shoot me?”

“Hmmm, nah. That’s too messy, but I have a better idea and it starts by putting your hands behind your back.”

“Why should I?”

“Well, it’s either that or *Shakes concealed item* this.”


“Good boy. Now hold still.” The man took some black rope and tied Zach’s hands behind his back.

“Ouch, hey, come on, that’s hurts!”

“Be quiet. Now, come with me.” The man put his arm over Zach and dragged him into the next room and threw him onto a nearby chair.


“Geez, you never shut up.” The man took some duct tape he brought with up and slapped a strip along Zach’s mouth.


“Good.” The man then pulled out a camo bandana and firmly tied it around Zach’s eyes.


“Just so you don’t see what’s going to happen next” The man started to unbutton Zach’s shirt.

Zach mildly protested, but the ropes were too tight to do anything about it.

“And there we go; one shirtless dope ready for more torture.”


“Now now, the worst has yet to come.”

“Mmmm no!”

“Like you have a choice.” The man threw Zach’s opened shirt back and then started to undo his pants.


The man then reached down into his pants and pulled out an somewhat erect penis. “Well well, what do we have here? It seems you’re enjoying this aren’t you?”

Zach shook his head.

“I think your body says differently. Besides, this just makes it so much better.”


“Yep, now for the final humiliation!” The man took out a camera. “Smile!”

Zach tried looking away, but the man held him in place. The man even took a few pictures of his erect penis close up. “I think that’s enough for one day.”


“Don’t think you’re off the hook boy. First off, you’re fired. Secondly, don’t even think you can weasel yourself out of this because if you do anything more to hurt my company, I will post these pictures everywhere on the Internet. Thirdly, you’re day is about to get much much worse.”


The man started to dial his cellphone. “Hello police? Yes, I would like a possible break in at 123 Henry Street. Please hurry because I saw two dangerous looking men with concealed items enter the house holding a strange looking package.”

“MMMM!” Zach started to struggle violently.

“Good luck with the police boy… I’ll leave this file right here so the police will have some very interesting questions to ask you. Goodbye!”

The man escaped through the back door just as the police sterns were rounding the corner.

The End.


Zach played by ZachT

Photography by Caitiff


Date of Production:03/15/2011

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