COMBAT! By Caitiff

20 photos; 4:21 video

Punka’s strategy had been flawless. He would lead the government XXXX against the rebel strong hold. The intelligence was good. The odds were on his side. He would win against the rebel scum that threatened his beautiful land of Bacardia! 

Long Live Bacardia! May she never sober! 

Unfortunately the best laid plans of mic e and men and Punka... 

The rebels caught Punka as he got separated from the main group. It was almost as if his own men had abandoned him! 

The rebels took Punka’s concealed items. Punka fought with all of his mighty martial prowess but the rebels overpowered him with their superior numbers. 

Punka had his hands bound behind his back. The rebels kept a hand over his mouth as they hustled him to their secret base in the basement of some abandoned building. When they arrived, they pushed the proud Bacardian commander to his knees. 

“You will conquer the true leaders of...mmmmmm!”, Punka’s threat was cut off by a strip of sticky black tape that was plastered over his mouth. Punka could see the at his captors as they mocked him a and his proud Bacardian traditions. 

Punka tried to loosen the ropes as the rebels debated amongst themselves what to do with their guest. Should they ransom him? Interrogate him? 

The ropes held, keeping Punka bound. Punka vowed to himself that he would tell these scum nothing! And if he wasn't’ gagged, he would have told them that as well. 

Ultimately the rebels decided to just leave Punka here so they could continue fighting the Bacardian XXXX. The XXXX Punka against a support beam. More rope was brought out and used ot tie Punka to the beam, keeping him immobilised. 

Punka resisted all of this of course but already bound and gagged there was little he could do. Soon he was even more immobilised then before. 

The rebels left but not before promising to return and “take care” of Punka. 

Outside Punka could hear the fighting. How he wished he could be with his brave men (who for some reason had left him behind to get captured). 

“Mmmmm”! Punka tried ot get the attention fo someone outside. But no one seemed ot hear him. The ropes kept him tightly bound to the post. 

Punka had no idea how long he stood there, bound and gagged. But finally, as promised, the rebels returned. And not just any rebel but the rebel leader himself! 

“Mmmmmm mmpphhm mmnnmm!”, Punka declared through the tape gag. 

The rebel leader tore off the tape from Punka’s mouth. “Uhh what?” 

“Ooowww! I said you will never break Punka Inari, leader of the Bacardian fight battalion!” 

The rebel leader just shook his head. 

“Gary, give it a rest. The war game ended an hour ago. Come on, we’re going to Denny’s” 

Gary grimaced. No one appreciated getting into character any more. 

The End 


Punka Inari (Gary) played by Dominic

Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production:03/20/2012

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