Dante Returns by LAshyguy

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Dante hadn’t been back to Peoria in two years, not since he broke up with his boyfriend, Logan. It was a rough breakup, one that left Logan completely devastated due to the circumstances. Dante had been offered a great job in Los Angeles, one that would benefit his career immensely. Plus, the thought of leaving a small town for a big city was always part of Dante’s plan, despite Logan’s protests. Logan was perfectly happy staying in his home town: He had a steady job and a man he loved, all that he wanted out of life. So when Dante came home one day and told him he was leaving for Los Angeles, Logan felt his heart sink.

When Dante arrived in Peoria, he made certain that Logan was unaware of his arrival. Logan was extremely possessive during their relationship, and the last thing Dante wanted to do was reopen old wounds. Dante was careful enough to make sure Logan didn’t know about his trip to Peoria…or so he thought.

While Dante was standing in line at a coffee shop, one Logan and he never went to while they were together, he was extremely surprised when Logan walked through the door. Not wanting to be a complete jerk, Dante turned and greeted his old lover.

“Logan,” Dante said with a smile.

Logan eyed Dante with complete shock, “Dante?! I can’t believe it.”

Logan immediately embraced his ex. Dante returned the sentiment.

“What are you doing here,” Logan asked.

“Oh…just visiting for a couple days.”

“That’s great. Let me buy you a coffee.”

“No, that’s not necessary.”

But saying no to Logan never worked. It wasn’t long before Dante was leaving the coffee shop after an awkward conversation with Logan.

“I’m so glad I bumped into you,” Logan said as they walked down the block.

“Yeah, me too,” Dante lied.

“Hey, wanna see my new ride,” Logan asked.

“Um…I really have to…”

“It’s right here man,” Logan said, pointing at the van across the street.

“You bought a van?”

“Yeah. I opened up a delivery service as a side business. Come check it out.”

“Okay, but after that I really need to be going.”

“Sure thing, Dante.”

Dante approached the van and wondered what all the fuss was about. There didn’t seem to be anything special about it. There wasn’t even any lettering or design on the side depicting some sort of business, a thought Dante would reflect on later.

Logan opened up the back door of the van and stood aside. Dante peered in, completely confused at what he saw…only a single red gym bag was sitting on the floor.

“Logan, there’s nothing…”

Before Dante knew what was happening, Logan shoved Dante into the fan and slammed the door shut.

“Logan, what are you doing,” Dante asked as Logan pinned him to the floor.

“Just getting my quality time in with you before you go,” Logan said as he pulled Dante’s arms behind him. Logan quickly pulled a length of red rope for his gym bag and began tying Dante’s wrists.

“Logan, are you out of your damned mind? This is XXXX.”

“Admit it…you came back here to see me. I saw your posting on Facebook.”

“I didn’t post anything…” were the last audible words out of Dante’s mouth as Logan gagged him with a red bandana.

“You think I can’t read between the lines, Dante,” Logan said as tied Dante’s ankles together, “You were never good at being cryptic. That’s why I borrowed this van from a buddy of mine. We’re gonna spend some quality time like the old days…before you left me.”


“Just keep quiet and let me do all the talking. Now sit still.”

Dante tried fighting back, but with his hand tied behind his back and his feet tied together, there wasn’t much he could do. Before long, Dante’s arms were secured at his side. More rope pinned his legs together. A sense of panic began to set in as Logan jumped into the driver’s seat and started the van.

“MMMMPPPPHHHH!” Dante screamed as the van peeled off. He had been XXXX in broad daylight by his ex-boyfriend, and nobody noticed.

Fifteen minutes later, the van came to a stop. Logan opened the back of the van and very calmly pulled Dante out and slung his captive over his shoulder. Dante took in his surroundings and was unnerved to discover they were in an abandoned industrial area. Dante struggled as Logan carried him to what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse.

Logan carried Dante up a flight of stairs, down a long dilapidated hallway, and into a fairly bare room. Logan dropped Dante onto a futon, then sat down beside him.

“That was more difficult than it should have been…and it’s all your fault.”

“Mmmmppphhh….mmmpphhhh.” Dante said with pleading eyes.

“Oh, those puppy dog eyes aren’t gonna work on me now, Dante. Not after two years. I’ve thought about you every single day. And I knew you were going to come back. And now your mine again, and I’m never letting you leave.”

Dante threw his head back on the futon in frustration, and that’s when he saw it. Taped to the wall was a collage of images, all of Dante, from childhood to just last week at a bar in Los Angeles.

“I made that for you,” Logan said with a creepy smile as Dante realized Logan was no longer possessive; he was a complete psychopath.”

Dante thrashed about, desperately trying to untie himself, but as he did, Logan scooped him into an embrace.

“Go ahead. Get it out of your system,” Logan said as he leaned his head against Dante’s, giving a loving smile that chilled Dante to the bone.

Even in his grasp, Dante struggled mightily to break free, but it was no use. There were far too many knots in places he couldn’t reach. It wasn’t long before Dante had exhausted himself and relented.

“Good. I don’t want you getting tired on me. The day is still young,” Logan said.

Dante watched as Logan stood up.

“Now, I’m going to go out for a bit and make us a delicious, romantic dinner. And after that, I’ll remind you why you loved me so much when we were together.”

Logan exited the room, locking the door behind him.

Dante knew this would be the only opportunity to escape, and he did everything in his power to do so, twisting and stretching to the point where he felt his muscles pulling. Dante managed to loosen the ropes securing his legs. He set to work on his ankles next. He stretched his fingers to the point where his arms were pleading with him to stop, but it was now or never. The knot came free in his grasp, and Dante untied his legs, which were now completely free.

Dante tried his hardest to untie his arms, but it was a futile effort. The ropes around his wrists were too tight. Dante stood up and walked to the door. Locked. Dante kicked on the door several times.

“MMMPPPPHHHH! MMMMMPPPPHHHH!” he shouted, but no reply reached his ears.

The sound of a truck caught his attention, and Dante rushed to the window and smiled through his gag at what he saw. Two construction workers were pulling in near the building. Dante XXXX on the glass as hard as he could, but the two men couldn’t hear him. Finally, in a final act of desperation, Dante took a couple steps back and kicked the window repeatedly. After a few tries, the glass splintered.

Dante rushed back to the window and made eye contact with one of the workers. Seconds later, the pair rushed inside. Dante crumbled to the floor. He was completely spent. But when the two men reached his door and started XXXXing, Dante called out to let them know he was here. The men broke the door down, and Dante was saved.





Model: Dante

Model: Logan

Photography by Caitiff


Date of Production: 12/13/14

Tags: cleave gag, dominated, twink, bad guy, socks

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