Tied Whities by Caitiff

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 It was better to ask forgiveness then permission, that was Dan’s motto. Not that he had any intention of doing either. His neighbour Fred still had no idea that Dan had been jimmying the lock to his basement door these last few weeks and using his washing machine. Dan didn't’ have one and the money he saved by not going to the Laundromat was really adding up.

It also helped that Fred was a trucker and worked weird hours. He wouldn’t be home for another day. Dan put his first load into the machine and then then stripped off his clothes to add to it. He had the house to himself so why not be thorough? He set the hamper down with the rest of his clothe son the washer.

The drum of the machine was like white noise and soon Dan found himself yawning. A little XXXX on the futon in the corner couldn’t hurt.

Dan was soon snoring loudly. So loudly that he didn’t wake up to the sound of the lock being fumbled with. Nor did he wake up when the basement door was nudged open by a burglar. Dan didn’t wake up until the man’s hand was firmly clamped over Dan’s mouth! Dan’s eyes shot open as he saw the man in a ski mask hovering over him with a edge.

“All I want is the stuff in the house. Be quiet and you don’t get hurt!”

Since nothing here was his, Dan saw no reason to put up a fight. As the burglar bound Dan’s hands behind his back, Dan hoped that he would be able to get free. He still had a whole day before Fred came home.

Soon Dan was bound hand and foot in his underwear. He could only stare helplessly as the burglar grabbed some athletic tape from a shelf and came towards him. It didn’t take Dan long to figure out what the burglar had in mind.

“Hey man, I’ll be quiet. No need to gag m...MMmphh!”, Dan’s plea was cut off as layer after layer of tape was wrapped around his head.

Now Dan was really helpless and at the Burglars mercy. But fortunately the man was as good as his word. He really didn’t care about Dan. The man rushed up stairs where the sound of things being thrown about echoed through the house. Meanwhile, Dan struggled to escape. Even if the burglar had no intention of harming him now, that could change. Besides which, Dan wanted to make sure he could get himself free. He had no intention of being here when Fred did get home to see it robbed.

But the Burglar knew his knots. Though they seemed deceptively loose, the knots did not come loose and Dan couldn’t get his hands or feet free of the ropes. He turned. He twisted. He rolled about on the bed and strained his muscles in a vain attempt at getting loose. But he wasn’t getting loose.

Dan had no idea how much time passed but it seemed like only a few minutes before the Burglar came back down, his arms loaded with a DVD player and laptop and television. He set them out of the door and closed it behind it tightly.

Well at least that part of Dan’s ordeal was over. Now hopefully he could work on getting free. Dan was beginning to have doubts about slipping free of the knots. His only real hope was that he still had lots of time.

“What the hell?” Fred screamed from upstairs. Oh shit, he was home early and here was Dan, bound and gagged in his underwear in basement of Fred’s recently robbed house. This might be hard to explain, Dan though to himself.

It didn’t take long for Fred to find Dan still tied up.

“What the fuck?! Dan? What are you doing here?”

“Mmmpphh!” Was all Dan could say, still gagged tightly as he was.

The tape came off painfully and slowly. But at least it was coming off. Dan let out of a sigh of relief as he was at last able to talk again. Dan was already trying to come up with a believable lie. Maybe he had heard a noise and been jumped?

“What are you doing here. What he fuck happened?”

“Uhhh, “Dan stammered, “I heard noise from your place and came to..”

Just then the buzzer on the washing machine went off.

“Wait a minute. Someone broke in, stole my stuff and did his wash?!”

“Uhhhh, well ..uhhhhh”, thinking quickly had never been his strong suit.

“That explains why I keep finding my door open and lint in my dryer. You son of a bitch! You let the guy in here, didn’t you?”

“No! I..uhh I.. I mean..Mmmpph!” Dan’s poor attempt at an excuse was cut off as a rag was shoved into his mouth. Dan then was hog tied. Instead of being set free, he now had even less freedom and was in even more trouble. Dan had been better off with the robber.


    “You’re going to pay. “

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