Sweet Dreams

27 photos; 5:30 video

 Tony was bushed. He had been stuck on the night shift for weeks now with out a break and it was getting to him. Every night he was would work until dawn, even on week ends. That meant that Tony also never got an opportunity to go to the bars. He hadn’t had a hook up in forever. So he was not only exhausted but blue balled.

Stripping down to his comfy long underwear, Tony plopped onto the bed and fell fast asleep, too tied to even do anything about the huge hard on that was threatening to burst out from behind his underwear.

Tony didn’t hear the man enter. In the back of his mind he knew he was no longer alone but Tony was held fast by a weird paralysis. Tony put up no resistance as his hands were tightly bound behind his back. More rope was wound around Tony’s body, the man’s hands exploring Tony’s prostrate form. It was only after he was already tightly bound that Tony found he could move at all.

Tony was still barely conscious as he vainly fought against his bonds. Tony struggled to get into a sitting position. For some reason Tony couldn’t seem to focus on his captor’s face. Tony also found he had no will to resist as the man ran his hands up and and down Tony’s helpless body.

“Mmmmmmmm”, Tony moaned as tape was used ot gag his mouth. The man seemed to like to listen to Tony as he grunted in helpless frustration. The one piece he was wearing was thin. Tony could feel every stroke of the man’s hands and he squeezed Tony’s chest and fondled his ass. Tony felt his dick getting harder as it strained against the cotton fabric of his underwear.

The man tied one of Tony’s legs together, calf to thigh. Tony rolled over onto his back, his hard on exposed. He just needed this man to push him a little further so he could get off. But the man had other plans. He proceeded to tie Tony’s other leg the same as the first.

Tony writhed as he fought his bondage. Everything was still fuzzy but he knew he was horny as hell and had to get off. He didn’t even care that a stranger had broken in and tied him up. As far as Tony was concerned, the man could take whatever he wanted if he would just relieve the pressure in Tony’s groin. With his hands bound behind his back, Tony could only rub himself against the bed. The friction kept him hard but didn't allow him to finish the job. Tony rolled back and forth in frustration.

But apparently the man thought even this amount of movement was too much. Tony was rolled onto his stomach. The man bound Tony’s feet and then attached the rope to his hands so that Tony was now ina tight hog tie. The rope wound around Tony’s body like a second skin. The man seemed to delight in Tony’s trouble’s. His hands lingered over his Tony’s body far longer then required to merely check for knots. Tony could swear he could feel what felt like a tongue on the soles of his feet. and inching down his leg. Two large hands inched up and under the bottom of Tony’s one piece to grab the flesh underneath. Those same hands then went to the front of Tony’s body and began to rub and stroke. Tony could feel himself at last getting closer and closer..

Tony gave a contented sigh in his XXXX, his hand unconsciously pushing the black ropes he used for his kinkier dates from under his pillow. It was the best rest he had had in weeks.

The End


Model: Marco

Photography: Caitiff


Date of Production 02/13/2009

Tags: Tape gag, bare feet, underwear, hog tie

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