Silky Pajamas By: Nick007

32 photos; 5:53 video

Finally! Dean's work week was over and he could finally get some rest. He had a long week of working construction and was looking forward to good long rest. Too bad someone else had other plans for him. Little did Dean know he was followed from his job everyday for the past month.

The man had a things for bears and Dean fit the part perfectly. He liked to think of himself as a bear trapper. He liked to find a bear, follow him home, tie him up, and have his way with them. So when he saw Dean working on a construction site, working hard with his shirt off, he knew he had to have him. So the man stalked Dean for many days and learned all his patterns and schedules. The man knew the right time to attack would be when Dean was worn out from the work week and too tired to fight back.

So he waited for Dean to come home that Friday afternoon and silently picked the lock on the front door. As he walked in he found Dean aXXXX on his bed in his silk pajamas. 'Very nice' he thought. He pulled out a concealed item and walked over to the hibernating bear. He put his hand over Dean's mouth. Dean woke with a startle and grab the wrist of the hand gagging him but stopped when he saw the XXXX. The man was surprised at the XXXX his wrist was grabbed. He thought Dean would be too tired to do anything about it. It's a good thing he brought the concealed item for intimidation.

“What do you want? My wallet is on the table. Take it” Dean begged.

“Shut up and on your stomach!” the man demanded.

Dean did as he was told. The man began tying Dean's hands behind his back. Then the feet and ankles, followed by rope around Dean's chest.

“Why are you doing this?” Dean asked.

“That's quiet enough out of you.” the man said as he gagged Dean with a bright blue bandanna. He pulled the XXXX back out to reiterate who was in charge here. Dean settled down for fear of his life. “Good boy. You deserve a reward.” The man pulled down Dean's pajamas to reveal a surprise. “Well well well, it looks like I trapped a bear that likes captivity!”

The hunter of bears began to feel the shaft of his captive audience. Dean moaned into his gag. He pushed dean over to reveal his next play toy. The nicely shaped ass had a shamrock tattoo on it. “Well it looks like it's my lucky day. Gone and found myself a lucky clover.” the hunter said ironically.

The hunter fondled every part of prey. Dean hated how much he was enjoying this. Every stroke of his shaft brought him closer and closer to what he wanted. However the hunter was an awful man and would stop the moment Dean got close.

CLICK! CLICK! The hunter began sXXXXping pictures. “Just in case you plan on telling anyone of this. If you do I'll release these photos all over the internet. You'll be the laughing stock of your construction crew.”

Being a construction worker can be hard, but the hardest part might possibly be your co-workers. It's a very testosterone filled profession. If these pictures got out, it would make his life a living hell.

After a couple of hours of fun for the hunter, he got up and walked to the front door. “Well it's been fun, but I must be off now. You should be able to get out of the ropes in a couple of hours.” the hunter said while laughing. “Oh and by the way.” He pulled the concealed item back out and pointed at Dean. Fear shot up and down Dean's body. Why would he do this?! He had enough blackmail to keep him quiet. Why shoot him now?! Dean closed his eyes and accepted his fate like a man.

“Goodbye, bear.” the hunter said manically.

Dean felt a cool spray hit him in the face. He opened his eyes and realized that the concealed item was a water concealed item. Angry that he was tricked so easily, he bucked wildly trying to escape his bonds.

The hunter laughed as he gave a wave and walked out the door.

The End.


Model: Dean

Ropework by: Nick007

Photography by Caitiff


Date of Production:03/21/2013

Tags: bear, cleave gag, fondled, exposed, dominated, story

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