XXXX On The Door by Gilroy

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It was almost two. Frank had to hurry up and get showered or else he would miss his chance to do his presentation. Frank was sure this was his big chance. He had been the chance to convince Delco to give Frank’s company the contract. And if that. when that happened, Frank would get a huge promotion.

But first he had to get cleaned up. Frank had gone to the gym a little while before to get rid of some tension and the last thing he needed was to show up smelling like a used jock strap.

There was a XXXX at the door. Damn, who could that be. Frank wanted to just let it go but the guy kept XXXXing.

Despite his better judgement, Frank got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around himself. At least he had finished his shower.

The XXXXing grew more insistent. Frank opened the door to see a rough looking man. Frank’s eyes scanned down. The guy was Frank’s type and if he hadn’t been so in a hurry, Frank might not have minded being interrupted.

“Can I help you?”

“Uhh yeah, sorry to bother you but I had this room right before you and I think I left my adapter in your room. Can I get it really quick? Please?”

Frank hadn't’ seen any thing like that but he really hadn’t looked. And the guy was cute. Sure, what could it harm?

The guy brought in his bag as he followed Frank into the room. Frank heard the door shut and then suddenly the man’s muscular hand grabbed Frank.

“What the ..mmm!”, Frank was cut off as a meaty hand was clasped over his mouth. The other hand grabbed and twisted Frank’s hands behind his back.

Frank was a pretty muscular guy himself but his attacker must have known martial arts of something because Frank was truly trapped.

“Sorry dude. But I need to keep you here for a while.” The strange man said as he took his hand off of Frank’s mouth just long enough to grab some rope from his bag and tie both of Frank’s hands behind his back in a shot. Soon Frank was tightly tied up and helpless.

“My daddy said rodeo lessons would pay off” the man joked as he shoved his bound new friend onto the bed. The man straddled Frank, tightening the ropes with one had while gagging Frank with the other.

“Mmmmm!” Frank moaned angrily. The guy wasn’t just tying him up. He could feel the hard bulge in the man’s jeans. This guy was rubbing himself against Frank’s near naked body way more then he needed to just to keep Frank restrained. The more Frank struggled and moaned, the bigger and harder that bulge became.

“Mmmmmpphhmmmm” Frank continued to grunt. He know was only encouraging this man but Frank didn’t like being anyone’s bitch. He was always the dominant one. But here he was, tied up and being man handled by some rough looking stranger. This guy could do whatever he wanted to Frank’s body and there was nothing Frank could do about it.

“ I guess I need to keep you quiet. Can’t have you slobbering over this hand all night. I might need it later”, the XXXX said as he reached into his bag and pulled out a thick cloth. “Sorry, not sure I was able to wash this before the last guy. So many guys tied up, hard to keep track. Too bad most of them aren’t as hot as you though.”

The cleave gag was XXXX into Frank’s mouth and tied around the back of his head. That left the man two free hands to now fish out more rope and begin tying Frank’s feet.

Now Frank was bound hand and foot, gagged, half naked and at the mercy of some strange man.

“So stud, afraid I have to hang out here for a while. How shall we pass the time?”

Frank didn't like the leer on the guy’s face at all.

To Be Continued


Frank played by Connor

Rodeo Specialist played by Miller

Photography by Caitiff


Date of Production:05/28/2011

Tags: bad guy, nude, groped, story

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