Semi Naked Chef by Kurt

45 photos; 4:12 video


Vinnie had just stepped out of the shower, and was hungry as a wolf.  He headed for the kitchen without dressing.  "Why bother?" he thought, "I'm going straight to bed after I eat."  He grabbed his cooking apron off the hook and wrapped it around his muscular body. His firm ass was exposed, but his chest and family jewels would be protected from any spattering grease.   As he started puttering around the kitchen, Vinnie was suddenly surprised by a stranger.

"Hands up, asshole," the stranger ordered.  "Nice outfit", he said sarcastically.

"What...what do you want?" Vinnie stammered.

"I want you to sit in that chair and shut the fuck up while I tie you up," the stranger replied.

"Tie me up?? But...but...."

"I said shut the fuck up," the stranger growled, stuffing a balled-up bandanna into Vinnie's mouth.  Taking a roll of silver duct tape from his duffel bag, the robber plastered several strips over Vinnie's mouth, sealing in the gag.

Vinnie made muffled grunts as the intruder bound his wrists tightly with thick red-and-white cord.  He didn't speak at all as he knelt and bound Vinnie's ankles to the chair legs.  Then he stood up and left.

Vinnie's muscular arms felt powerless due to the way they were cinched behind his back.  Tensing his beefy biceps, he pulled as hard as he could, hoping to loosen the knots somehow.  His efforts seemed to have the opposite effect...the more he pulled, the tighter the ropes seemed to get.  Frustrated, Vinnie grunted through his gag and began shifting his body up and down in the chair.  He felt humiliated being captured by a stranger in his half-nude state of dress.  His anger boiling up, Vinnie's struggles began to shift the chair he was bound to all around the kitchen floor.  Unfortunately, after crossing the room, he was no closer to being free than before.  

"What the'd you get over there?"

Vinnie froze as the now-familiar voice of the intruder echoed in the kitchen.

"OK, asshole, you asked for it!"

The burglar grabbed the back of Vinnie's neck and pushed him forward out of the chair.  With his ankles bound to the chair legs, Vinnie crashed forward with the chair still attached to his legs.  The thief quickly untied the bindings on Vinnie's ankles, and stood holding the ends of the cord and pulling them taut.


Vinnie played by Arturo

Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production: 02/20/2008

tags: muscle, tape gag, chair tie, socks, shirtless

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