Rats in the Walls by Kirk

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“It’s the Rats you have to worry about!”


Simon was hyperventilating in terror. He could not take being tied up another second. And this torment. “This fuck comes in and plays with me – terrorizing me,” Simon thought. Again his hands were on his body: pulling his shirt, playing with his chest hairs, shoving his hand over his mouth, playing with his hair, removing and replacing the sweat soaked bandanna that blinded him. Simon begged with his eyes and grunts, “several days…” 

“It’s the rats you have to worry about….”  His blindfold was replaced and the door was closed and locked. Simon screamed in the dark.

He tried to calm himself. He knew this was Jason’s big brother. And he knew why he was bound and gagged. He had competed with Jason in high school wrestling since they were freshman. Now seniors, the state games were tonight. A lot of scholarship money rested on these games. And Simon knew he could kick Jason’s ass.

But now he was all tied up in a basement, and listening to the sounds of scurrying feet. “Rats, fuckin RATS!”

Simon sat in his ropes, feeling the sweat ticking his chest as it ran down in rivulets. He smelt like shit. Again he strained against his bonds, getting nowhere. He remembered….

The XXXX in his ribs. The van. Jason and his brother hijacking him as he left his gym late. How Jason bound him. With rope. Simon cursed the shit out of them until a rag was shoved down his throat and he was tape gagged. “You’ll never get away with this…..” was his last words. “Isn’t that what they are supposed to say?” he thought as he was tied up.

But Simon liked being tied up. Jason had been tying him up since he was a kid. So being in ropes was a treat, even though he really was being XXXX and held against his will. 

He struggled while being roped, but Jason was good. Around and around his crossed wrists Jason applied the rope. “Glad you have a tank on; this rope will give a nice burn to your upper arms. Come on Simon, you like this.” Simon just grunted as Jason looped the rope around his chest and lashed his arms to his side. He and his brother marched the bound youth to their basement. Simon felt the veins popping in his bound arms as they numbed up.

Dumped into a chair. His feet and legs roped. Slapped in his face and punched in his gut by his captors, he was left.

For eternal hours.

Now the panic returned. “It must be the rats.” Simon went ballistic – squirming against his bounds, only multiplying his rope burn and numbness. H began to scream in terror.

Jason’s brother returned. “What am I going to do with you?” Simon just begged. “You know we have to get rid of you. You will talk. Can’t have that. Sit quiet to midnight. Then we will go for a ride on our boat. Heard you were a great swimmer - swim as good as you wrestle. Should be fun watching you swim with your hands, arms, legs and feet bound with ropes!”

Again darkness.   Simon was about to give up, when he remembers he Swiss knife he always carried. He fumbled with his fingers, panting for breath, and got the knife in his tied hands. Working fiendishly, he was able to open the blade and saw his hands free. He pulled his arms in front of him, and untied his feet and legs. He crashed against the door, it sprung open, and Simon was running, his chest and upper arms stilled circled with rope.  


Simon never called the authorities. He inflicted his own blackmail as punishment.   Jason disqualified himself and Simon won the scholarship. Each weekend for a year Jason and his brother reported to Simon's basement where there were bound together, gagged, and left to spend Saturday night alone in the dark nicely tied up.


The End

Date of Production: 08/29/2007

TAgs: blindfold, chair tie, tape gag, twink, story, bad guy, dominated

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