Knot Mates by Soft Touch

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            The Navy Department in their infinite wisdom assigned Sailor Hale and Marine Hardy to share the same barracks room.  This was supposed to reduce the amount of necessary barracks spaces, and to promote good relations between the two branches of the service.  But the Navy’s plans don't always work out the way they intend them to.
            “Marines can't tie knots!” Sailor Hale laughed.  “They can't even tie boot laces.  That’s why the new Marine boots are going to have zippers.”
            “You want to bet?”  Marine Hardy smiled as he fingered the soft cotton rope that Sailor Hale had been practicing his knots with.
            “Yea I'll bet you!” Sailor Hale said quickly.  Being a young sailor he still reacted strongly to things like the Navy’s honor being at stake.  “I'll bet you anything!”
            “Okay,” Marine Hardy’s smile broadened as his fingers began to enjoy the feel of the strong ropes he was playing with.  “Tell you what, you let me tie you up like I want, and then I'll give you a whole half hour to get loose from my knots.”

            “You mean you really want to tie me up?” Sailor Hale said nervously.  He had seen pictures of guys who were tied up and wondered what that was like, but nobody had ever actually tied him up before.  “Wh-What’s the bet?” he stuttered.
            “The loser has to clean this room for inspection for a whole month.  Unless you're afraid?”
            “I'm not afraid exactly.   It’s just that, well nobody ever tied me up before.  You won't hurt me or do anything crazy will you?”
            “Would I hurt my best Bunkie?” Marine Hardy asked with an evil smile.
            Sailor Hale was too choked up with nervousness to answer, but he didn't resist while Marine Hardy took hold of one of Hale’s ankles and then began wrapping some of that soft rope sort of snugly around it.  Then Hale watched while the rope then went around one of the legs of the chair to hold his ankle a prisoner.  The rope felt kind of strange and Hale began to feel a little feverish.
            “You've got nice ankles,” Hardy said quietly as he took hold of Hale’s other ankle and began wrapping soft rope tightly around it.

            That made the feverish Hale a little confused.  Guys weren't supposed to talk about other guy’s ankles, but for some reason he was starting to feel warm all over while he watched Hardy tie his other ankle securely to the other chair leg.
            “That’s not a square knot,” Hale’s voice broke and made him blush.
            “No, it’s a Hardy knot.  Keep those legs spread now.”  Hardy’s strong hand ran up over one of Hale’s thighs and spread it a little wider on the chair before he began looping another length of rope around it.  Hardy’s touch on Hale’s thigh sent a shiver up the young sailor’s back and he started to get worried.  Maybe he should tell Hardy that he didn't want to do this?
            But before Hale could work up the nerve to tell Hardy that he wanted him to stop, Hardy grabbed one of his wrists in his strong grip and began pulling Hale’s arm back behind his back.  Then Hale closed his eyes and bit his lower lip while he felt Hardy’s hands touching him and wrapping some of the thigh rope snugly around Hale’s captive wrist.  In another few moments the rope was tied so that each time Hale moved his hand, it spread his thighs further apart.
            “Oh my—don't--!” Hale suddenly gasped.  Hardy’s strong hands had run up over Hale’s other spread thigh and then accidentally touched the growing bulge in Hale’s snug dungarees.

           “Oh, sorry,” Hardy chuckled while his clever fingers began wrapping more rope around Hale’s other thigh.
            Again Hale closed his eyes and bit his lip while he felt Hardy grabbing his other wrist and wrapping it up tightly in more rope.  Then he felt Hardy tying a knot in the rope and immediately Hale’s captive hand began pulling on his spread thigh.
            Then a small stab of pain made Hale gasp as he became aware of something else.  The ropes wrapped around his thighs were completely isolating the thickening bulge in his dungarees like they were in a tight prison.  And inside that prison, he could feel his growing member pushing at the soft cotton of his underpants and then poking hard against the dungaree walls that were surrounding it.
            “That’s good,” Hardy decided.  "Now we need some more rope for that nice chest of yours.”
            “Don’t say things like that!” Hale croaked.

            “Like what?”  The smiling Hardy was already fastening ropes around Hale’s upper arms, his chest, and the cross-rung of the chair like a spider web that was hugging young Hale tighter and tighter.
            “You…you shouldn't say things about my chest.  It’s not proper, you know?”
            Hardy laughed.  “Who said Marines were proper?”  Then Hardy began to tighten his web of ropes all around young Hale until he could feel them biting into his bare skin and his chambray shirt.
            “How’s that?  Not too tight?”
            Sailor Hale tried wiggling against the snug ropes, but immediately stopped with a little gasp.  The web of ropes was holding him so tightly that now the feverish Hale could feel the hard nubs of his nipples poking through the thin cotton of his undershirt and rubbing themselves up against the harder fabric of his shirt.  And that made them hurt in a way that they hadn't ever hurt before.
            “Okay, I think I'm tied enough, you don't need to use any more rope,” Hale heard himself saying hopefully.
            “Yea, the rope’s okay,” Hardy agreed with Hale.  “But we need something else.”

            Hale looked up at Hardy and blinked in surprise.  There was a big white sock dangling from the Marine’s fingertips.  “Is that a sock?” he croaked loudly.  “I don't want anybody’s smelly sock near me!”
            “Don’t worry,” Hardy said gently.  “Marines have real clean feet.  Here, sniff.”
            Hale didn't want to sniff anybody’s sock, but Hardy didn't give him any choice as he pressed the damp cotton up against Hale’s nose.  Hale flinched and thought that he might be sick.  But then he took a little sniff of the cotton sock and he was surprised to discover that it didn't smell bad at all.  It just smelled kind of strange so Hale took a deeper sniff and then an even deeper one.  And then he mewed a little into the muffling cotton because he could feel his member stabbing hard at its prison walls again.
             “Hmm,” Hardy mused.  “You kind of like that don't you?”
            Hale opened his mouth and started to protest “I do not!”

            But even as he lips parted, Hardy began fingering that soft wad of sock deeper and deeper into Hale’s surprised mouth.  Hale gagged and huffed, but Hardy kept right on fingering his mouth until it was full of cotton.
            Feeling a little scared and betrayed, Hale shook his head from side to side and began working his tongue against the sock wedged into his mouth.
            “None of that!” Hardy said sharply.  “You agreed to be my prisoner for awhile, and you know that prisoner’s are supposed to suffer a little.”
            Hale looked up to try and tell Hardy that that wasn't so, but he stopped when he saw the smiling Marine spreading a wide strip of duct tape between his hands.  Oh no!  He wouldn't!  He just wouldn't!
            But for some reason that he didn't understand, Hale surrendered his face to Hardy’s strong hands and he didn't resist at all, and the only sounds he made were little sighs and moans as he felt Hardy’s strong fingers smoothing that tape against his face.

             “All right now, go ahead and struggle,” Hardy commanded.
            Hale obeyed and kind of half-heartedly struggled against the net of ropes that were holding him in the chair.  But then he accidentally rubbed his tongue up against the thick lozenge of sock that was wedged inside his mouth.  Immediately his hard member stabbed hard at its prison walls.  Then Hale couldn't help himself.  He began rubbing his tongue harder and harder against the thick cotton and brushing his spread lips up against it and soon the feeling was so intense that Hale was completely surprised when Hardy suddenly grabbed the rope on his chest.
            “We're going to have some new rules now Sailor.  As long as you stay in this room you are going to belong to me.”
            Hale groaned into his gag and shook his head.  That didn't sound right.
            Hardy poked Hale’s forehead with a hard finger.  “You’re brain is going to belong me.”  Then he placed his big fist up against Hale’s chin.  “And your body is going to belong to me.  And you're going to do everything I tell you to do.”
            Hale moaned into his soggy mouthful of sock and shook his head slowly.  He didn't want to belong to anybody.
            But then Hardy put his big hands on Hale’s captive chest and held the tied sailor really close to his hard body.  “And you're going to like being my private sailor from now on.”

            And all at once Sailor Hale felt his resistance completely disappear.  “Yes…!  Yes, anything you say!” Hale heard himself moaning into his mouthful of sock and realized that he meant it.  He would do anything as long as Hardy kept holding him like this in his strong arms.
            “That’s better,” Hardy said gently.  “I think we're really going to enjoy our time together in this room.”
            Sailor Hale closed his eyes and sighed deeply into his gag because he wanted that very much, too.




Sailor Hale played by Branden

Marine hardy played by Rod

photography by Caitiff

Date of Production: 03/04/2006

Tags: military, navy, chair tied, bad guy, story, tape gag, uniform

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