My Roommate and my English Paper by John

26 photos; 5:57 video


      So I come home from school one day to find my roommate is out working at the local fast food restaurant trying to earn a living since he decided that he was too good to go to college after we graduated high school. That’s cool with me, but it is his loss really. I had this fifteen page paper due in my English class and didn’t feel like going back up to school to use the computer lab, so I figured I would just use my roommate’s laptop since he leaves it in the living room all the time. It’s not like I have to sneak into his room or anything.


           I pull up a chair and pull the computer out of XXXX mode. I go to fix myself a drink while his computer “comes to” out of its hibernation. I get back to the computer and need to look some stuff up on Wikipedia, the college students best new friend when it comes to research. Now I know it isn’t the “best source” for information, but you know what, it does a hell of a job when one is in a hurry.


      I go to load up the web browser and notice that there is already one on a tab at the bottom of the screen. So I just go ahead and click on it. It pops up. HOLY SHIT!! I can’t believe my eyes! There on the computer screen is my English professor! And not only is it my English professor, the picture on the screen is taken on MY couch in MY living room that I’m sitting in now!


      I could not believe my eyes. What has my roommate been doing? Even better, what has my English professor been doing at MY apartment? WOW! I started looking at all the pictures of my English professor. They were really HOT! I couldn’t believe my professor looked like that.  All I ever saw him in was a two-piece suit with a tie. And boy did I think he was a stuck-up Republican who was WAY right. He tore me apart on my last paper about gay marriage.  So when I came upon the picture of him with his rock hard cock sticking out of his pants. I laughed out loud. Not because of his cock, but that it shocked the hell out of me. He has a beautiful cock. Damn, I wonder if he has a partner? 

      The most shocking thing of all, was not that there were pictures of my English professor on my roommates laptop, but that my English professor was bound and gagged in all of these pictures. That made him look even hotter! I don’t think I will ever forget how he looks. I wonder if my roommate was doing this to him. Did he have help? Did he NEED help? Because I know I would be the first in line to volunteer to do whatever. Would it really be a teacher-student relationship if I tied up my teacher and teased him? Only one way to find out…

The end?


The English Professor played by Lyle

Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production: 09/21/2006

Tags: muscle, tape gag, bare foot, bad guy, fondled, dominated, exposed, story

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