My Upstairs Neighbors by John

39 photos; 5:11 video

       I am SO sick and tired of hearing my gay neighbors upstairs come home from the bars every weekend, XXXX, loud, and then having sex. It annoys the hell out of me. Why do they have to be like that? Sure, sex is fine, I don’t care…but do they have to let the whole world know that they are doing it? I think not.

           This Saturday I had finally had enough. Not only was I not getting laid, but I finally had decided that I was tired of them getting laid too. I fell aXXXX like I normally did, and just like normal I started to hear this thumping sound that woke me up. I looked over at the clock and it said in its bright green numbers, 3:27 a.m. I got out of bed, hearing their moans and exclamations to God. Put on some clothes, grabbed my XXXX, grabbed my special “bag” and headed out of my door up to their apartment. I was surprised however when I got to their apartment. In their passion moment, they hadn’t shut the door all the way and it was sitting there open. So, what could I do, but help myself and walk right on in. I couldn’t hear any more noises though. They had probably finished already. I said I would get woken up by these two, but what I didn’t tell you is that it didn’t last too long.

      I walked into Phillip and Eric’s living room to find them glowing in the aftermath (falling aXXXX quickly) of their sex. “Hey you two! I’m sick and tired of being woken up by your inconsiderate acts of sex every night! I’m here to teach you boys a lesson.” “What the fuck?” said Eric. I told him to shut his mouth and not say a word. “Sit up on the bed, I’m gonna have a little fun with you boys.”

              I reached into my bag and pulled out some white rope and told Eric to tie Phillip’s hands behind his back. I didn’t want them to try any funny stuff while I was tying one of them up and not the other. So with my XXXX pointed at them still Eric tied up Phillip’s hands. After he was done I took the liberty to tie Eric’s hands. I told them, “Now, just to make sure you guys remember this night, I’m also going to be taking a few pictures to remember our time together.” Once I had both of their hands tied I then took out some more rope and tied their ankles together so that they couldn’t run anywhere. “You boys ain’t gonna be goin anywhere now!”

      “Dang Eric, you just had sex, and your cock is already getting hard again. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you like this!” Eric just stared at me and I smiled back like the sadistic person that I am. Phillip started to open his mouth and say shit to me, but I quickly was over that and took duct tape to their mouths so I didn’t have to hear them talking any more. They could be so annoying. “Well that quickly shut you two up!” I said. “MMMmmmmmmmppppppffffff” is all they could muster up. This made me happy.

      “Time for more pictures boys! Smile!” They both looked at me with outrage in their eyes. They were moving everywhere trying to get out of their ropes that bound them. The were screaming through their tape gags but nothing could be decipherable. “I’m doing this for your own good. I need to teach you two how to live in a community and respect other people” I told them. “You boys go out and then come home on the weekends and just start pounding each other not thinking about your neighbors around you and how they are trying to XXXX. Poor Mr. Kalfus next door has to get up and work at 5:00 a.m. and you two are just pounding away against his wall.”

           “Ok, you boys have moved around way too much now. Time for the hogtie to make sure you stay in one place.” “Noommmmmmppppfffff” yelled Eric. I just smiled, took out more rope, and went to town tying their bodies. They did have beautiful bodies so I didn’t totally mind teaching them a lesson.

      Even in their hogtie these boys just kept moving around and wouldn’t stop. They struggled against their ropes and just wanted to get out but couldn’t. I sXXXXped a couple more photos, then took out some more rope. They both looked at me with the “What could you possibly tie up now with that rope?” look in their eyes. Well…they would soon find out, that too keep them close and from moving around much anymore I was going to tie their cocks and balls together. They did NOT seem to like that at all. But you know, Eric’s cock was saying something totally different. It was still hard through this entire ordeal. I sXXXXped some more photos and then told them “Good-bye, you boys have fun now. Think next time before you do each other next time, cuz you never know who might do you!” And with that, I left their apartment, door still ajar, hoping that Mr. Kalfus would wake up in the morning and find them in their room, still tied and struggling.

The End

Eric played by Sammy

Phillip played by George

Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production: 01/17/2006

Tags: double, tape gag, nude, twink, story

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