Sexual Harassment by Fidelis

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“Now, now Jeff – there is no need for you to carry on like that.  It is all your fault you know.  If you hadn’t been so stubborn, and so darn cute none of this would have happened. Well… it might have happened, but for a slightly different reason.  You might feel a little uncomfortable at the moment, and I’m sure those dirty briefs of yours don’t taste very good, but don’t you worry. I’ll make you feel great, once I’ve finished my business here.”

Jeff stared at in his computer screen in consternation.  What kind of filth was Alex putting on his computer?  And why had he broken in here and tied and  gagged Jeff? Jeff chewed on his stale shorts as he contemplated his uncomfortable predicament.  Alex had somehow managed to enter Jeff’s apartment, and was waiting for him when he had returned from work. The element of surprise was on Alex’s side – he had been able to overpower the startled Jeff without much trouble.  Once Jeff had been tied up, Alex had persuaded him, reluctantly, to divulge the password to his computer.  Jeff shuddered when he thought of the things that Alex had done to him.  Who would have guessed that a little pressure applied to certain parts of the anatomy could be so painful?  Once Jeff had blurted out the password, Alex had quickly stuffed Jeff’s mouth with a pair of his soiled briefs, taped them in and then he had gone to work.  Jeff groaned as he watched Alex download all kinds of sensitive information from the office.  And then…Jeff had logged into some disgusting site and started looking at disgusting pictures. What could it all mean?

“Good, it is just about time for action.  Some of this information is time sensitive, and I didn’t want to be out and about in public until I was ready to act.  It will take me just a few minutes to pop over to the office and then…think of all of that lovely money that will soon be mine.  I just knew that you were such a hard little worker that you would have the information that I needed here at home.  You’re such a drone, Jeff.  You really need to get a little life. And once I’ve done what I have to do at the office, I’ll be back here to help you get started on a new and adventurous life.”

“Don’t you worry, my pet.  I’ll be back in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. And then…we’ll have some fun. But let me tape those legs and feet.  I want you sitting here, waiting for me return. Why don’t you think about all the enjoyment that we’re going to have when I return, Jeff?  Just look at the pretty picture on your computer screen – that should help to get you in the mood. “
Holy Mother of God, Jeff thought, I’m in BIG trouble now.  He thought that Alex had been showing undue interest in his work, but the possibility of something like this occurring had never crossed his mind.  Alex was going to rob the company blind with the information that he had obtained from Jeff, and then he was going to… Jeff gulped when he thought what follow.  He wasn’t stupid – Alex had been hitting on him for ages, no matter how often Jeff had rebuffed him.  Now Jeff found himself in a position where he was helpless and unable to put Alex off. There was no way that he was going to sit here, waiting for Alex to return. He had to stop Alex, and save himself.  Alex had already ripped out his landline and confiscated Jeff’s cell phone.  His only chance of salvation was for him to get out of here – the tape that Alex had used on him was far too tight for him to even entertain the thought of getting loose.

Jeff was huffing and puffing by the time had managed to reach the door. He could fee the sweat trickling down his back.  He leaned against the door, trying to catch his breath. At that moment he heard someone on the stairs. He yelled through his gag, and then started banging his head on the door. Surely whoever was going up the stairs would be able to hear him. But no such luck. He sagged in despair when he heard the door of the apartment upstairs  slam shut. Damn. OK, he wasn’t going to give up.  He could still save himself. Jeff turned himself around and fumbled, trying to reach the doorknob with his taped hands. Aha, success! But…turning the knob with his bound hands wasn’t such an easy task. Finally, he felt the knob turn.

Jeff felt slightly sick as he stood at the top of the stairs.  How was he going to get down the stairs without tumbling over and breaking his neck?  Maybe he could maneuver himself so that he was sitting down, and then go the down the stairs on his bum. Just as he was preparing to lower himself he heard footsteps on the flight of stairs below him. Thank God, he was saved!
“Going somewhere, cutie?  That isn’t very kind of you, considering all of the trouble that I have taken.  Did you get lonely, and start thinking that I had abandoned you? Silly Jeff – did you really think that I would abandon a stud bunny like you? Why don’t we go somewhere more comfortable?

Jeff was choking as Alex grabbed his tie and started dragging him back into the apartment. Jeff tried to struggle, but bound as he was, he didn’t have a chance.  He gurgled through his gag as Alex threw him down on the bed.
“This is MUCH better.  You have no idea how delicious you look like that, all tied up and gagged and lying on your bed.  I have thought about doing something like this for a long time.  That is why I originally stole your keys and had copies made. But then I thought – why not combine business and pleasure? I ‘ve  just managed to remove a tidy sum of cash from the company accounts and now…I am going to have you!

Jeff struggled violently as Alex unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock and balls out. Oh dear God, what was this pervert going to do him? OH MY! He was stroking Jeff, in a very persuasive manner. What was happening to him? No, he wouldn’t allow this! He had to stop it !
“And whose fault is that, Jeff?  Why don’t you just lie back and enjoy yourself? I can see that you are already getting hard, so don’t you try to tell me that you’re not enjoying yourself. Oh God, that looks so tempting. I can’t help myself…”

Jeff moaned as he watched Alex’s head bobbing up and down. Oh holy crap!  Where the hell had he learned how to do that? And that?  Jeff groaned and struggled a bit more – his struggling seemed to shove his rock hard cock even further down Alex’s vacuum cleaner throat. Jeff bit down on the dirty briefs stuffed in his mouth. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, he had never experienced anything like this in his life. His eyes rolled back in his head as he screamed into his gag and felt his body explode.
“That wasn’t too bad for starters, was it?  I told you that you would enjoy yourself.  But I’m all hot and sweaty.  I really should have shucked this suit before I got to work on you. I think that a shower is called for before I get down to the main course. But before I do that, I have to make sure that you don’t wandering away, like you did the last time I left you alone.”

The end


Jeff played by Eric

Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production: 07/06/2006

tags: tape gag, story, stroked, fondled, suit

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