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            “That’s right, Buddy, you're doing fine.  Just keep following my voice now.”
            Buddy didn't like this, but he had to obey and he had to keep following that strange voice through the darkness behind his blindfold.  Buddy was very scared.  He was scared that he might bump into something that would hurt in the dark.  And he was very scared because he didn't know where the strange voice was taking him.  And he was very scared because he didn't know what was going to happen to him when he got there.
            Buddy had returned to his dorm room after a long day of classes to find a paper bag and a note waiting for him.  The note was from the Delphi Fraternity.  It was time for Pledge Buddy to be tested by his Frat Brothers so he had to follow the directions in the note exactly.  Buddy had opened the bag to find a wrestling singlet that seemed too small for him along with a folded green bandanna and a folded blue bandanna.

            At first Buddy had been a little excited as he followed the directions and took off all of his clothes and then squeezed his body into the thin singlet.  But then he began to get nervous as he sat down on his bed and tied the blue bandanna tightly between his lips.  Buddy had never been gagged before and the cloth felt kind of strange as it filled up his mouth and pressed against his tongue.  And then his pulse rate really went up when he tied the softly folded green bandanna as a blindfold over his eyes.
            Then he sat quietly in the darkness until he finally heard the door to his room open and the sound of strange footsteps coming toward him.  “Do not resist us Pledge,” a strange voice said in the darkness.  So Buddy didn't resist as he felt his hands being taken in other hands, and then he felt coils of rope being wrapped tighter and tighter around his wrists.  And then the strange voice said “Rise and follow me.”

            Buddy had followed the strange voice through the darkness for what seemed like a whole hour and now he had absolutely no idea of where was when the voice finally told him to stop.  And then Buddy had felt hands, lots of hands, touching his body all over as he was turned this way and that while several strange voices murmured to each other.  Why were they doing this?
            Then those strange hands took hold of Buddy’s wrists and Buddy could feel busy fingers adding more rope to the coils around his wrists.  And then Buddy heard a weird whirring sound and then he felt his bound hands being pulled up higher and higher over his head until Buddy had to stand up on his tiptoes.  Then strange hands began touching Buddy’s body all over again, even in places that made Buddy blush.  Buddy shook his head from side to side and begged into his gag for them not to touch him like that, but they just laughed at him.

            Suddenly the blindfold bandanna was ripped off of Buddy’s eyes.  Buddy blinked at the bright light in the room.  And then he was able to see four hooded figures hovering around him.  Buddy couldn't see there faces so he didn't know who they were, but the tallest one pointed a long finger at Buddy and said “Don't go anywhere.”  Then all of the other Hoods laughed as they all went out of the room.
            Left all alone, Buddy could feel the sweat starting to drip down from his armpits and then a burning ache began in his shoulders and the small of his back while his arms continued to reach high up over his head.  And then the sweat and the pain grew worse and worse until Buddy was really happy to see the four Hoods come back into the room.
            Buddy whimpered and nodded his head gratefully when two of the Hoods lowered his arms and then untied his hands.  And so he didn't even think of resisting while they pulled his arms behind his back and tied his hands again before they pushed him down to kneel on the floor.

            “You belong to us now Pledge and we will do with you what we want,” the tall Hood said.
            Then all four of the Hoods gathered around Buddy and began petting his hair and touching his skin and rubbing their hands all over the thin singlet cloth that was covering Buddy’s body.  Buddy didn't like this, but the more he resisted, the rougher those hands became with his body.  And then something unexpected happened to Buddy.  His body began to get warm and tingly all over and it began to respond to those touching hands until Buddy was rubbing his body up against those hands as much as they were rubbing up against him.  All four of the Hoods laughed in an evil way.
            This scared Buddy and he tried to crawl away, but the cruel hands held him tight while they used more rope to bind his ankles together, and then even more rope to tie Buddy’s bound wrists to his bound ankles so that he was completely helpless, and then they pushed him down onto the hard floor.

            Buddy moaned into his soggy gag and tried to wiggle away, but then the four Hoods knelt on the floor all around him and their teasing hands changed their tactics.  Now they began to spank Buddy hard and soft all over, with the harder spanks coming each time he resisted their will, and the softer spanks coming each time that he obeyed their commands.
            Then they made Buddy roll all around on the floor and rub his cruelly bound body up against the soft carpet until poor Buddy felt his nipples getting hard and a growing stiffness inside the thin cloth of the singlet.  And soon that unprotected stiffness was being pinched and squeezed so much by the hard floor that there were tears in his eyes and he was softly whimpering into his gag.
            The Hoods thought this was amusing and soon they were skinning the singlet down off of Buddy’s flushed body and exposing more and more of his tingling parts while their cruel fingers continued to tease and please him until Buddy was feeling very confused.
            And then the tall Hood announced; “Now you will give up your cream.”
            Buddy gasped in shock.  They couldn't really expect him to do something like that – in front of everybody!  Buddy shook his head from side to side and protested as loud as he could into his gag, but the Hoods just laughed at him as they pulled down his singlet to unveil just how big Buddy had become.
            And then there was nothing Buddy could do to stop those strong fingers as they wrapped themselves around him, and nothing he could do to avoid the way they were slowly stroking him, and nothing he could do to stop his disobedient body from thrusting itself faster and harder inside of that strange hand.  And all at once it was too much.

            Buddy threw his head back, arched his back and then screamed into the soggy cloth that was stopping up his mouth while he felt his hot pistol shooting again and again and again.
            Finally Buddy could shoot no more and he sighed heavily into his gag.
            “That was very well done Buddy,” the tall Hood told him.  “You have passed your first test.  Now you are ready to move on to the next level.”
            The next level, Buddy wondered while the blindfold bandanna was again tied over his eyes.  What would the next level be like?


Buddy played by Stan

Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production: 12/20/2005

Tags: cleave gag, athlete, bare foot, singlet, wrestler, hog tie

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