One Lousy Hour by Cryptococcus

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"Crap, Homer! You agreed to this. In fact, you practically DARED ME. Did you think I was kidding? All I want - ALL I WANT - is an hour of peace and quite in this house."

Homer glared at Eddie. He knew that some of it was his own fault. He had agreed too readily, he knew, to this crazy scheme of Eddie's, but as each coil of rope was added, he kept thinking that Eddie would stop, laugh, and admit it was just an extended joke.

No joke, he knew now, and if he hadn't played the smartass crawling around on his knees and pretending to pine out the window, he wouldn't have his ankles, knees, and crotch tied up. And what's with the CROTCH business, anyway? Now THAT had really surprised him. Old Eddie, teenage co-conspirator, long time co-chaser of weed, pills, booze, and tail, touching him like that and cracking jokes at the same time?

An hour? How long could he wonder about that?

"Well, you don't have to stand around looking stupid," said Eddie. "You can sit down, you know."

Homer said something into his gag that Eddie thought sounded like "oh, fire truck" but he suspected that the message might have gotten garbled in transmission. Eddie choked back a chuckle and continued to maintain a stern expression.

This groaning, moaning bull-shit noise had to GO. Eddie surprised himself, and Homer, too, when he reached open-handed for the gag and placed the web between his thumb and forefinger against Homer's nostrils. Then, reconsidering, he pinched Homer's cheeks upward and pretended that it was what he had intended all along.

It was obvious that Homer was going to be a grumpy shit about this. Maybe, Eddie, thought, he should give Homer something to bitch about.

He rolled Homer over and couldn't resist grabbing a cupped handful of ass check. Again, he surprised himself.

Homer, however, was SHOCKED once again. He was totally still for a couple of seconds, and then he bellowed in rage and spewed mangled profanities against the gag.

Eddie was impressed. He was so impressed that he decided to hogtie Homer.

More bitching and moaning ensued. Eddie shook his head. He knew that the ropes had to be uncomfortable. After all, that was exactly part of what he intended. But Homer was being a stupid shit about this. All he needed to do was to RELAX.

Eddie realized he was on his knees. What the hell - he was supposed to be getting an hour of peace and quiet, and now, when Homer was helpless, Eddie found himself helpless to avoid FUCKING with Homer.

So he did. He cupped Homer's ass again, checked his bound wrists, checked the ropes encircling Homer's ankles and sandals, and just for fun (and because it looked neat) he hand-gagged Homer again over the gag in his mouth.

Homer had been trying his best to stay pissed. He was convinced that if he relented, the hour would slow to a crawl.

But something was happening.

He was getting hard. He felt his erection wedged between the fabric of his shorts and the two ropes, and it was becoming taut down there. Experimentally, he tried a back-and-forth wiggle, and it felt GOOD.

Shit! He wondered about this. His old buddy tying him up, touching him in places Homer would never normally allow, and his response was to get a ERECTION.

Would wonders never cease? (And how could he/should he keep Eddie from finding out?)

Too late. Eddie had observed the change in the direction of Homer's struggles, and he definitely knew what was going on.

And he wasn't going to let it happen. If Homer wanted to get off, he could damn well wait until the hour was up and he was untied. He could then go somewhere and take care of it in PRIVATE.

But then again, messing with Homer while he was bound and helpless held an irrestible appeal. When would he EVER get Homer in a position just like this again?

Homer shook his head, partly in annoyance and partly in bemusement. No shit, he thought, what crud luck. He was one helpless, hard camper.

Had he ever been hard in front of Eddie before? Homer looked down that mostly-XXXX, smokey alley of teenage to adult memory and beyond. He decided that he had been, several times, but neither he or Eddie had been the target of each other's ardor. Never. NOT ONCE.

Maybe this was CHANGING, Homer thought.

Thirty-three minutes later, Eddie said, "Times up," and Homer turned his head away so Eddie could remove his gag.

"It wasn't so bad, was it?" asked Eddie.

"Shit," said Homer, "I've been hard so long I think I'm going to bust. Untie my arms, bud, I gotta jack RIGHT NOW.

And then Eddie had an idea. It came out of nowhere and struck him with clarity.

"Let me keep you tied up for a little longer, and I'll jack you off myself."

Homer felt the blood flow returning to his face. It was an interesting proposition, considering the condition he was in. "How 'bout a blow job?" he asked. This time he was not surprised, but could not predict Eddie's response.

"Whatta I look like?" asked Eddie, taken aback. "Suddenly I'm covered in fairy dust?"

Homer shook his head. "Well, no, but you DID THIS TO ME, so you have to FIX IT."

"No shit. I said I'd jack you."


And that's how Eddie found himself unzipping Homer's shorts and unbuckling Homer's belt. He frowned at the precum glistening on the tip, but then he reclined beside Homer, took the shaft in hand, and began his task in earnest.

Homer exhaled noisily, and then he closed his eyes. He thought that it always came down to this: fuck or be fucked. With everything else that way in his life, why not with his old buddy Eddie, too? After all, Eddie had showed him something. Eddie had touched him for his own amusement and to satisfy his own curiosity, and now Eddie was getting him off.

Peace and quiet, MY ASS, thought Homer. If Eddie ever wanted him tied up like this again, the guy was gonna HAVE to learn how to give a good blow job.

Meanwhile, Eddie was thinking that there wasn't anything at all wrong with a little mutual masturbation. Maybe if Homer was happy with the way he'd jacked him, well, maybe he'd accept a direct exchange. Maybe Homer would want to tie HIM up and jack him off.


Homer played by Eric

Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production: 07/06/2006

Tags: cleave gag, bear, story

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