Getting Off by Kurt

20 photos; 9:01 video

It had been three months since the burglary, but Derek couldn't get it out of his mind. Being overpowered in his own home by a masked intruder, XXXX to strip, bound, gagged and XXXX had been a frightening experience. Yet even while it was happening, Derek had found himself to be more intensely sexually aroused than ever before in
his young life. The feeling of helplessness, being dominated by another male, even the feel of the tight ropes and silencing gag had all combined into an unforgettable combination of fear and excitement. The burglar had promised him that if he cooperated, he wouldn't be hurt, and he had kept his word, unless you considered being tightly tied up and having your cock stroked to a massive orgasm being "hurt".

After the burglar had left, it had taken Derek another five hours to escape the ropes, and he had quickly pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt before calling the police. When they arrived, he still felt too humiliated to mention that he had been sexually XXXX, so he had told them that he had just been tied up and gagged by the intruder.
Derek could have sworn the handsome cop taking his statement had almost a twinkle in his eye as he asked whether he had been violated in any way. As Derek continued to lie, the cop had told him that there had been several other recent cases of single young men overpowered in their own homes, stripped, bound, gagged and played with before the thief had left with their possessions.

"So that didn't happen to you, eh?" the cop had asked, scanning Derek's sexy body.
"Uh, no," Derek lied, feeling his face flush and hoping the officer hadn't noticed. "He just tied me up, then left."
"OK," the cop had replied, "Must be a different guy. So I'll just put down breaking and entering, burglary and unlawful restraint, right?"

"Yes, please," Derek had replied meekly.
Now it was three months later and the thief had never been apprehended. Derek was still pissed over the loss of his cell phone, I-Pod and DVD player, as well as 200 hard-earned bucks. But when he thought back on that night, a chill still went up his spine...not fear, but excitement. And so he had bought some rope in the Home Depot on the way home to try and recreate the feeling of helplessness he had experienced on that night three months before. Stripping nude, he began to wrap the rope tightly around his ankles and knees. The reaction was immediate, as his ball sac began to swell up between his bound legs, and his cock began to put on serious weight. He took his time tying his hands. He wanted it to feel real, but had to make sure he could escape. He managed a good facsimile...the rope was snug around his wrists, but he knew a few minutes of twisting his hands in the right direction and he would be able to get loose. Finally, he reached for the strip of white adhesive tape he had had torn off and stuck to the bedboard and gagged himself with it. With his hands tied in front, he was able to grip his rod, and the feeling, combined with the thoughts racing through his head, was exquisite. Of course, during the actual robbery, he had been tied much tighter, with his hands behind his back and a much thicker gag on his mouth. But this was close enough, and Derek began to struggle around on his bed, pretending that he was once again a captive of a sexy, masked intruder. He couldn't explain why he was so turned on, but he didn't care as his hands stroked his beefy shaft. When he visualized the hot cop coming back to ask his some follow-up questions, dressed in that sexy, tight uniform, he exploded, soaking his hands and bush in a thick bath of hot juice. Yes, being a crime victim had traumatized Derek, and he'd never be the same again.....poor guy!

The End


Derek played by Andre

photography by Caitiff

Date of Production: 09/20/2005

Story: self bondage, tae gag, nude, nudity, orgasm, bare feet

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