Taped up Take Down by Kurt

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"C'mon, Teddy, it's just tape!"

Ted glared up at his arch-nemesis from the senior wrestling team, Gary Handler. Gary had an odd expression on his face, and Ted couldn't believe he had let himself fall for his trick. The semi-final match with Smallburg High was scheduled to begin in two hours, and here he was lying in Gary's rec room, taped up and gagged in his spandex singlet, as Gary taunted him.

"Dude, if you're not strong enough to break through that little bit of tape, you don't belong on our team!" Gary said, sarcastically, in that smug way he had. Sure, Gary was bigger and more muscular than Ted, but Ted was wiry and athletic, and had been the leading wrestler since junior varsity.

"Little bit of tape?" Ted thought, as he struggled helplessly. The white adhesive was wrapped in three or four layers around his wrists, ankles and legs, as well as his mouth, gagging him. He heard his own frustrated grunts as he wrenched uselessly against the snug bindings.

Gary had invited him over to warm up before the match, and like a naive dope, he had accepted the invitation. When he got there, Gary was in his singlet smoking a joint.

"C'mon, Gary," Ted had said, "You know we're not supposed to get high before a match."

"Chill, dude," Gary had replied. "Nobody's gonna know. I had an idea...how about I tape you up for a few minutes? Then you try to get loose...it'll be a cool way to warm up."

"Tape me up? What do you mean?"

Gary had put Ted into a playful headlock, but before Ted could react, he had pressed down on his carotid artery. Ted immediately got woozy, and felt himself slumping against his rival's muscular chest. When his head cleared a few minutes later, he was wrapped in the clinging white tape.

"You asshole...you almost XXXX me out," Ted growled, as he began his initial struggle against the tape bonds.

"Yeah, cool, eh?" Gary answered. "But I forgot one thing...your gag."

"Gag? What the fu....MMMPPPHHH!!"

Gary sneered as he layered strip after strip over Ted's mouth and chin.

"Looks like you won't be making the match, buddy....looks like I'LL be winning the match, buddy!"

He laughed and picked up his gear bag.

"Don't worry, I'll untie you when I get back...have fun!"

Ted grunted against the tape gag. He knew he wouldn't be able to tell anyone what had happened, because if they heard how Gary had duped him, and that he couldn't get loose from the tape, he'd be a laughingstock at school. Seething with anger, Ted continued to struggle, and was surprised to feel his cock grow hot and hard inside the skintight spandex suit. He began to think a little differently....remembering how hot Gary looked in his singlet...how his hands had felt pressing the tape over his mouth....the domineering sneer on his handsome mug as he stood over him....

These were all new thoughts for Ted. Odd thoughts....interesting thoughts.....maybe, when Gary got back......


The End


Ted played by Tye

Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production: 10/31/2006

Tags: story, athlete, wrestling singlet, tape gag, bare foot, taped up

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