Stay Put by Jase1010

21 photos; 4:25 video


Jed came to, and the first thing he noticed was that his arms seemed stuck to his sides? What the hell?
And in front of him was the big bruiser guy who his Saturday night lay had dumped for him. Oh shit.
"Well, hey, band geek. How's it goin'?"
Jed went to say "Fine. Get the fuck out of my house. I'm calling the cops." Except he couldn't. There was something stuffed in his mouth. Tied in there. HE WAS GAGGED.
"Mmppghrrhrhrr." It tasted like sweat. His mouth was stuffed with some kinda cloth, and then there seemed to be another cloth tied over that so he couldn't spit it out. Jed had never been gagged before, and found the experience humiliating. This big wad was preventing him from speaking! He examined the rest of his body. The guy had tied him up! His hands were knotted tightly behind his back. His arms were firmly lashed to his torso. The rope looked like the red kind that his ex-roommate Matty had used to hang his kayak in the garage. Jed twisted his body, testing his bonds. They were unforgiving. He was STUCK. Big Bruiser had also tied his legs together near the knee. What the hell did this guy have planned?
"I see you're not very talkative. Probably because I stuffed one of your dirty socks from your hamper in your mouth."
Jed groaned through his gag. Bastard. GROSS.
"I just thought you and I should have a little man-to-man chat. You see, my girlfriend Clarissa...."
THAT was her name, Jed thought, and then went back to trying to pick at the knots tying his hands behind his back. it was no use. The rope had some sort of waxy coating, Jed had very short fingernails, and Big Bruiser must have been a Boy Scout when he was a Little Bruiser. In fact, it was like the knots just got tighter the more he picked at them. OW!
"...apparently no longer wants to be my girlfriend. Apparently, she got wet over some scumbag guitar player in a shitty band she met last night. I'll be honest, I'm not that torn up about it. I'm mainly just annoyed by the general disrespect your punk ass showed me. You probably thought you were fucking Dave Grohl up there, staring at my girlfriend's tits and giving me a giant fuck-you by having me tossed out of your bar so you could sleaze over her."

Jed noted that Big Bruiser seemed to be getting angrier as he went over last night's events. He was mainly just talking to the ceiling as he paced around the room. Holy shit, was this guy here to murder him or something? Jed began to bounce in the crappy office chair Big Bruiser had deposited his bound and helpless body into. These ropes were so TIGHT. The chair creaked with his efforts. No matter how much he wriggled, squirmed and bounced, there was just no getting free. Jed felt like a total loser. He was a rock star, not some goddamn damsel in distress!
"Anyway, I thought I would come over here and have a little chat with you. Yeah, I followed you two assholes here from the bar last night. I know she stayed over. I watched her leave. I met up with her and she dumped me and said she's meeting you for dinner tonight. That's fine. I think I just want to show her what a complete pussy you are."
Big Bruiser took out his phone and began snapping pics of Jed in his bondage.
"MMPPGGHRRHRHRHRH MMPPHHH! MMMPPHGR!" Jed snarled through his gag in protest. Oh, man, this would be the end of his cool musician persona if these pics ever got out. Jed the axe man turned Jed the tied and gagged wimp. He couldn't recall when he had been more helpless.
Big Bruiser smiled, pressed some buttons on his phone, and put it back in his pocket.
"I just texted her those pics, and I posted them on her Facebook wall. You're gonna be famous. You know that Clarissa prides herself on having 3,000 friends on Facebook, right?"
Jed moaned into his gag, and hung his head. His mismatched socks and bound ankles seemed to join Big Bruiser in mocking him. Big Bruiser sauntered into the kitchen, came out with a pair of scissors and dropped them to the floor. Jed looked at the scissors and then up at him.
"So basically, I'm conceding defeat to you. You can have Clarissa. You can even have these scissors to try and untie your lame ass. Oh, and you can also have Clarissa's recurring STD. I always wore a condom. Did you?"
Jed groaned again, which was answer enough. Big Bruiser left his house, laughing wildly. Jed rolled his bound body over to the scissors, and began to try and find a way to use them to cut himself free. He ended up having to drop heavily to the floor, like a sack of very foolish feeling potatoes.
By the time he did get loose, two hours later, almost every single person he knew had blown up his phone with the pics of him tied and gagged and many an LOL. Apparently, he and Clarissa had a lot of mutual Facebook friends.
She ended up back with Big Bruiser, completely turned off by his "geek ass in bondage." The crowds at their shows delighted in chanting "Bondage Boy" at him for many, many months to come.

The End

Jed played by Matthew
Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production:07/17/2012

Tags: otm gag, chair tied, socks

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