Good Ol Boy By TBBM

28 photos; 4:22 video

Ezio was an aspiring country singer ready to impress the stage with his latest song detailing his last relationship. Needless to say the song itself was rather controversial as Ezio had hooked up an influential socialite on the down low.

Word had gotten back that Ezio was going to perform his song at a local event with media attention to capture the whole thing. The father of said socialite decided that Ezio had to be stopped. With a simple dial on his phone, he called the right man to deal with the blabbermouth singer.

Ezio woke up hours later in a room, not remembering how he gotten from the bar to his current location but he realized that the man who bought him a drink must have done something to it.

Ezio was on the floor, hog tied and gagged with an American flag bandanna. He struggled furiously in his bonds for several minutes, unable to free himself.

His captor eventually appeared, taking joy in aezio's predicament while telling him why he was hog tied and gagged.

Ezio begged to be released but the man laughed at him before unbuttoning Ezio's shirt and playing him for a bit.

Ezio watched in despair as the man left him on his own to struggle in his bonds along with the warning that if he ever performed the song in public that worse would happen to him.

Model: Ezio
Bad Guy: Rod

Date of Production: 03/14/2017

Tags: bad guy, cowboy, story, cleave gag, bandanna gag, shirtless, twink

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