Cop in My Closet by Caiiff

36 photos; 6:12 video

It was not turning out ot be a good day for Officer Fred Choi. What had started as a routine traffic stop on a lonely road had turned into something out of control.

The guy had seemed normal enough. Sure he did have a lot of rope in his car but that was hardly illegal. Nothing had appeared abnormal or dangerous. So when the guy managed to somehow get out of the car without making a sound and XXXX Choi out, it had come as quite a surprise to the rookie cop.

When Fred Choi awoke, he found himself surrounded by blackness.

“Mmmmm!”, He tried ot call out but nothing but moans came out. A thick rag had been stuffed into his mouth. Choi tried to move but he had been handcuffed! Desperately he struggled by everywhere he went, he felt a wall. ALl he could tell was that he was bound and gagged, sitting on a chair in a very small space.

Choi didn't’ know how long he sat there but eventually he heard a door open and a hand felt his head.

“Ahh so you’re awake. Good!” “’Mmm!”

Choi’s blindfold was removed and he saw the motorist he had pulled over gloating over him!


“I am glad you didn’t have time to run my license. You might have found that I have a few warrants. I had no choice but to grab you like I did. Good thing I am quite good at it. And now that your here..”

The man ran his hand over Choi’s body. Angrily Choi twisted though his bondage made resistance useless.

“It seems you’re not quite ready to cooper ate. Maybe some more time in the closet will help your attitude.”

With that Choi was locked into darkness

As before Choi had no idea how long he was in that closet. Bound as he was he couldn't’ do much more then sit there. Gagged, he couldn’t beg for help or negotiate with his captor.

When the door opened, Choi was much more ready to cooper ate. Anything to get out of that closet!

Choi was glad to be free of the claustrophobic space but he was still tied up. He mumbled through his gag, hoping it would be removed.

“sorry but I like it when my hostages can’t talk. But lets make you more comfortable”


Choi shook his head in protest as his shirt was unbuttoned, exposing his chest. Eagerly the man rubbed his hands over his captive cop’s broad muscular body.

“Hmmm, nice. and feel that ass. I’m so glad I didn't’ pick one of the donut munchers. Not enough cops seem to work out nowadays”

The crazy man gave Choi a look that made him very uncomfortable. He then turned away for a moment to go to another room. Seizing the opportunity, Choi hopped tot he front door that was sonly a few feet away. Desperately he tried to turn the knob with his still bound hands.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmm!”, Choi grunted, hoping that some neighbour would hear his gagged cries.

But the door didn't budge.

The man seemed bemused by Choi’s efforts. “Usually my guests wait a while before they try that. The door’s locked by the way and no one is lose enough to hear you.”

The man XXXX Choi down to the floor. Choi struggled against his bonds out of anger and frustration, which delighted his captor.

“We are going to have so much fun.”

Eventually Choi did get rescued. And he never made that stupid rookie mistake again. But that’s another story.

The End?

Officer Frank Choi played by Jace

Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production:07/10/2010

tags: story, police, cloth gag, bad guy, handcuff, blindfold, chair tied, grope

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