Officer Down by Kurt

20 photos; 4:01 video


Security Officer Dave Brady's beeper went off. He unclipped it from his utility belt and read the message..."Possible 644 in Unit 702". His adrenalin began to pump..."644" stood for unauthorized entry. His training at security guard school taught him to dial the local police immediately, but Dave wanted to check out the situation on his own. After all, if he made an arrest, he'd be that much closer to making the real police force, instead of wasting his life as a dumb condo rent-a-guard. He was really nothing more than a glorified doorman. He didn't even have a XXXX!

Dave made his way up to 702. Creeping around the condo's walls, he peeped into the living room window and saw a figure prone on the floor. Oh my God! It must be Mr. Abramowitz, the elderly owner. But wasn't he supposed to be at his other place down in Palm Beach? Rich old bastards, you never knew where they were going to be. Dave couldn't see the figure's face, but as he stood by the open window, he could hear soft moans coming from the body on the floor. He knew he had to act, a life could be in the balance, so he tried the handle on the side door. The handle turned and he pushed the door open. Dave rushed in and knelt beside the moaning, face-down body.

"Mr. Abramowitz, are you OK?" he asked, giving a soft shake to the oldster's shoulder.

Suddenly, a muscular arm shot up and gripped Dave around the windpipe.

"Glurrggghhhh!" the startled guard exclaimed. Dave immediately gripped the wrist of the hand that was choking him, trying desperately to loosen it's vise-like hold around his throat. His air was already being cut off, and he started to see funny bright spots floating in front of his eyes. One final gasp, and the struggling cop-wannabe passed out.

Dave's senses slowly returned...he had no idea how long he'd been unconscious. In fact, only 10 minutes had passed since the mystery hand had first gripped his throat. Dave heard himself moan, and it was an odd sound as he realized he was gagged with a thick cloth tied into his mouth. The quiet of the room was suddenly broken by the bizarre sound of duct tape being ripped from a roll. Dave struggled to see where the sound was coming from, and knew immediately that he had also been tied up. Before he could get his full senses, he saw a wide strip of tape descending in front of his face. Two hands pressed a strip of tape over his mouth and the ripping sound continued as more strips were wound around his head, muffling him into complete silence. When the ripping sound stopped, and Dave was totally gagged, he felt arms gripping him and he was lifted up and tossed onto the couch. His attacker came into view, the same person who'd been lying on the floor, only now he was wearing a ski mask. He held several coils of rope and immediately went to work binding Dave's knees and ankles. Within a minute or two, the ropes were digging snugly into his muscular body, his cheap polyester uniform offering little protection.

The ski-masked figure completed his task, stood up and sniggered.

"That was easy," he muttered, as if talking to himself. "Don't give me any trouble, moron. I know you're the only one on duty, and you fell for my trap like a rat likes cheese. I need a few hours and that's why I needed you out of the way. Lay there nice and still, and you won't get hurt."

Dave moaned softly into his layered gag. Shit, how the hell had he let this happen? Here he thought he was doing a good deed, one that would help him get on to the force, and now here he was, bound, gagged and helpless. He watched curiously as the intruder went carefully though the old man's bookcases.

"This old geezer has a stamp collection worth 400 G's" the thief muttered gleefully. "I can sell them on eBay under a phony name and be in Costa Rica in a week. I finally found my big haul!"

Dave lay there in despair, trying to think of a way to twist the story around to his own advantage. He finally figured he could get loose from the ropes eventually...well, maybe in a day or so, then he could say he'd found the place already broken wouldn't be his fault if the thief had already escaped....Captain O'Malley wasn't the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree...he might buy it....


Dave played by Stan

The Thief played by Jimbo

Photography by John


Date of Production: 01/13/2007

tags: tape gag, hog tie, story, uniform, police

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