Drowsy by Toldeo Tye

28 photos; 4:41 video

I nervously XXXX on Joe’s door.  This was really one of the aspects of my job that I disliked and to make things worse Joe could be a bit of a “hot head”.  Joe shouted ”Who is it?” from the other side of the door.  I told him “Mr. James from the bank”.  He opened the door and invited me in.  We didn’t have much contact at work since Joe was a teller and I am one of the vice presidents but we would see one another in passing from time-to-time.  Joe was a very well built guy.  He was wearing a tank top and tight jeans and this was the first time I had ever seen him without a suit on and realized he must spend a great deal of time at the gym.

I asked if we could sit down as I had something to discuss.  He motioned towards the sofa and we both took a seat.  I began by saying… “Joe, I don’t have to tell you how hard economic times are for the banking industry right now.  I’m sure you are well aware of this on a daily basis.  That having been said I’m sorry to have to tell you that we are going to have to let you go.  I’m very sorry but my hands are tied in this matter as this came down from corporate”.

Joe just looked at me with a strange look on his face but simply said “Would you like something to drink?”  I was surprised how calmly he took the news and I accepted his offer out of courtesy.  Joe returned with a couple of beers in hand and we began to drink.  Joe began to plead his case that he couldn’t afford to loose his job with times the way they are now but I kept telling him that it wasn’t my decision.  Suddenly I began to feel very light headed and just couldn’t keep my eyes open “What’s going on?” I mumbled as I fell back on the sofa.

I was vaguely aware of being moved about and it felt as if I was being undressed but I couldn’t even open my eyes or move in any way.  I also was aware of what seemed like flashes of light several times.  Then I felt myself being rolled over on my stomach and I completely blacked out.  I don’t know how much later it was but I came to and found when I tried to roll over I was unable to do so.  My hands were pinned behind my back, no wait, they were tied behind my back and I felt as if there was rope also wrapped around my chest and arms.  “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpppppppppphhhhhhhhhhhh”   At this point I released I was also gagged with some sort of cloth wrapped tightly around my head and wedged tightly between my teeth.

I looked up (still grogy) and saw Joe standing in front of me holding more rope.  “Ah, you’re awake, good.”  He said as he moved towards me with the rope. “Whhhhhhhttttttttttttrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuddddiiiiiiigggggggg?” I tired to blurt out but he just roughly sat me up on the sofa and began to tightly wrap rope around my thigh and just below each of my knees forcing both my legs to bend up sharply under me.  “Well, Mr. James, I suppose you are wondering what’s going on”.  Joe continued…”You are about to offer me my job back” he said as he continued finishing off the knots pulling my legs up tightly beneath me.  “Let me show you why you are going to make this generous offer”.  He held a digital camera in front of me and showed me the compromising photos he had taken of me with his cock in my mouth!!!!  He proceeded to tell me that once he had cropped and edited out any of the rope in the photos that nobody would be able to tell that they were coerced.

“I’m sure corporate would be interested in seeing these, don’t you agree, Mr. James?”  He laughed as he XXXX me on my stomach and I realized what a helpless situation I was in (in more ways than one).  I thrashed about trying to get free but Joe knew how to tie his knots and I could make no headway on freeing myself.  No matter how much I struggled the ropes held me tight.  I was bucking about so much that I rolled off the sofa. What was I going to do?  If he sent those photos to corporate I would be out of a job too, and how was I going to get loose from Joe’s clutches; who knew what else he might have planned.

Just then, I looked up and Joe was standing over me holding yet more rope.  He bent down and proceeded to pull my feet up near my bound hands and then wrapped the rope around my feet and toes very effectively hogtying me.  Standing back he admired his handy work as I continued to try to free myself but it was an impossible task.  Once he was convinced that I was going nowhere he announced “I’ll leave you to consider my proposal for continued employment with a considerable raise”.  “Have a good night Mr. James and I’m sure by morning you will have reached the right decision.”

With that, the lights went out and I heard Joe go upstairs.  I had to find a way to free myself and get those photos away from him.  I rolled around struggling to get at the knots holding me in place but to no avail.  Joe must have been in the Navy (or Boy Scouts) to have learned such good knotmanship.  All of my efforts were in vain and eventually I found myself drifting off to XXXX. 

Model: Jace
Photography: Caitiff
Date of Production 02/16/2009

tags: underwear, muscle, cleave gag, story, hog tie, bare foot, shirtless

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