Roped Ranchers by Kurt

22 photos; 1:00 video


It was the happiest day in Clint's life when he'd landed the job as a ranch hand on the huge B&G cattle spread in Montana. He had quit his dead-end job in Chicago in pursuit of his childhood dream of working in the great outdoors, and being around a lot of hunky, tight-jeaned cowboys every day was just the frosting on the cake.
But he had never expected THIS! Looking over at his foreman, Big Hank, his mind raced back over the last hour. Hank had asked him to drive out to the secluded northern quadrant with him, about an hour's ride from the bunkhouse, to check out some unsettling rumors of rustlers in the area. Clint couldn't believe what he had heard...Rustlers?? This was
the 21st Century, wasn't it? But he agreed to go along with Hank and they set off. The sun was high in the Big Sky as they came through a leafy glade. Hank suddenly slammed on the brakes and Clint saw a pickup truck across the dirt road with its hood up. A long, lean cowboy wearing skintight Wranglers was leaning into the engine. Hank jumped
out of the Jeep and Clint followed.
"Need some help, buddy?" Hank asked. "You know this is B&G property."
"I sure do, pardner. This old heap just went and died on me. I was just
cutting through on my way to Billings."
"Billings?" said Hank, a tone of doubt in his voice. "Billings is 300 miles in the opposite direction..what the fu..." Hank's words were cut off as the two ranch hands saw the object in the cowboy's fist when he turned and faced them.
"Hands up, boys!" he ordered. Clint looked over at Hank, and followed
the foreman's lead, reaching for the sky.
They watched as a tarp in the pickup's well moved, and 2 other men climbed out, pointing pistols. One of the men was holding several lengths of rope in his other hand.
"You're the rustlers", Clint gasped, as the two men from the truck approached them.
 "No shit, Sherlock," the first cowboy said. "Tie 'em up, Mac," he ordered his accomplice with the rope. Clint watched helplessly, his hands still raised, as the one called Mac pulled Hank's hands behind his back and roped them. After tying off the knot, he undid the bandanna around Hank's neck, and pulled it into his mouth, wrenching it back until Hank let out a grunt as the cleave gag was knotted tightly behind his neck. Within minutes, Clint was similarly tied, his mouth gagged with his own bandanna.
 "Kneel down, boys, " the leader ordered. "Play along and you won't get
The two ranch hands struggled into sitting positions on the ground and stretched their legs out. Soon, their knees and ankles were bound with white rope, the cords digging into their leather boots. Clint grunted into his gag as he and Hank were pushed over onto their stomachs, facing each other. Hank gave Clint an encouraging wink...and Clint realized how hot his boss looked with the gag tightly cleaved into his mouth.

 The three rustlers ignored them for a while, and they struggled to test their bonds. There was no give in the ropes whatsoever, and the gags were tightly fixed.
After about 10 minutes, Mac and the other thug returned to where they lay, carrying even more rope.


 "Upsy daisy," said Mac, as they pulled the 2 bound men into a sitting position back to back. A long hemp lariat was draped over their shoulders and pulled taut around their chests. Both men grunted loudly as the rope was pulled cruelly tight and tied off.
They listened as the ringleader spoke into his cell phone. "How many head? 300? OK, that's good.......Boss, we got two more head here...yeah, a couple of nosy cowboys.......Bring'em along? Sure thing, boss. Hahaha..yeah, we'll have some fun with them. Good idea!"
Clint moaned as he and Hank were hauled into the back of the pickup. Why had he ever quit Burger King???

The End


Clint Played by Ron

Big Hank played by Steve

Photography by Caitiff


Date of Production: 07/22/2003

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