Rubber Lad Bound By TBBM

30 photos; 5:04 video

By day, he was a mild mannered accountant a local law firm, who wouldn't say boo to a ghost. Liked by all but seemingly a shy lad, what people in his office didn't know is that Adam led a double life. When his day job ended, his night one began and job wise, his night one was worlds apart from his day job but it also represented who he truly was.
With the name Shadow Man, Adam was getting into the spirit of being a vigilante crime fighter. It was early days for him and so far, in his act of undercover heroism, he had managed to stop at least three muggings and someone from nearly being ran over by a speeding truck. These acts made Adam feel good but he wanted more. He wanted to really show what he could do as a hero. Although he felt a little bad in thinking it, he wanted a little bit of fame. He didn't mind living his normal, 9 to 5 accountant job/life under the radar and not really being noticed by people but as Shadow Man, a little bit of notoriety wouldn't be a bad thing. He thought.
Tonight seemed to be the night that Adam thought he was going to get the chance to really shine. Across the street, he noticed that a robbery was in progress and he knew the cops wouldn't get to the scene in time. Adam knew he could and although he wasn't armed, he was agile and strong enough to take out two guys without getting himself seriously hurt.
What Adam didn't realise is that while he was gunning for a minor set of criminals, a major one had been tracking him for days, having learned his secret identity through his own stalking. Tonight was the night for things to change for Adam but not in the way that he had expected. 
As Adam went to cross the street, a big hulking guy crept out from behind with a rag. Adam could barely get a look at his assailant before the rag was clamped over his mouth. Adam struggled for a few moments before the effects kicked in and he fell into the man's arms who then threw Adam over his shoulder and took off. The robbers who came close to being caught had stolen their loot and drove off in satisfaction with their heist. The would be hero who intended to stop them was now destined for a world of misery of his own.
Adam woke up a few hours later, finding himself in an abandoned place. His arms were bound tightly behind his back, waist also bound along with knees and ankles and he soon realised that he was tightly gagged as well. As Adam tried to get himself free, he soon realised that he wasn't alone. 
Out of the shadows, his attacker appeared and Adam soon realised that the man holding him captive was one of the most dangerous men in the city. He looked on with a growing sense of dread.
"Shadow Man or shall I call you Adam?" the man said, holding up Adam's ID card from his work. "I've been watching your work from afar these last few weeks. You're good, boy, maybe a little too good. I can't have that."
"Mmmph!" Adam grunted, though what he was trying to say was a demand to be released from his bonds. The man didn't pay attention to that.
"I should take you out pernamently, eliminate one more potential threat to my empire," the Man said as he began to circle around Adam like a predator lining up it's prey. "However, you're a handsome guy and I have friends who would appreciate you very much."
"I'm not gay!" Adam muffled harder, knowing exactly what the Man was implying when it came to his friends. The Man laughed at Adam.
"Doesn't matter whether you are or aren't, Rubber Lad," the Man smirked at him. "By the time my friends are done with you, you'll only ever be seen as rubber lad slave boy and certainly not a superhero. With that costume, you should've seen this coming, boy."
As the Man left Adam to struggle alone, Adam realised that his costume looked less like that of a vigilante and more of a bondage slave. If he didn't act fast, that was exactly what was going to become of him.

Rubber Lad played by Adam
Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production: 03/29/2018

Tags: spandex, rubber, boots, tape gag, story

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