Bound In the Shed by Caitiff

32 photos; 4:37 video

Tony Espinoza was counting the minutes. It was Friday and he had plans for a float trip with his friends. But first he had to finish up with this damn last job of the day. He was supposed to make sure the grounds at some mansion were well tended. Mostly it was raking leaves and stuff. but the Lady was being a bitch because her house was some kind of historical land mark so she keep telling Tony to do more stuff. He was getting really sick of it. Worse, his boss kept agreeing with her so Tony ended having to do it.

Finally the client left, leaving Tony to finish up. It pissed him off that this rich botch got to start her week end while she delayed Tony’s. But at least she was gone. HE just had to stash these leaves and that was that.

Suddenly there was a painful crack against the back of Tony’s skull and everything went dark.

Tony awoke some time later with a horrible head ache. There was something awful tasting in his mouth. Tony pushed it with his tongue but ti wouldn’t budge. Still groggy, Tony tried to take it out but he couldn’t move his hands.

Tony’s eyes popped open. He had been tied up! His hands were firmly secured behind his back with thick rope. More rope tied his arms to his chest. His legs were bound at the knees and ankles.

To keep Tony silent, a thick rage was shoved into his mouth and then sealed in with duct tape.

Who had done this! Why was he bound and gagged in what looked like the storage shed!?

Desperately Tony struggled against his bondage. He rolled around and twisted but to no avail. He was good and caught.

Just outside the small window, Tony could see a U-haul van parked outside, with men he had never seen before loading furniture.

The house was being robbed! And they had XXXX Tony out and tied him up here to keep him out of the way!

Tony didn't’ give a crap about the stuff being stolen. He had an ageing festiva with a broken tape player. No one was going to steal that. But he was going to miss his float trip!

Eventually the men left. That was Tony’s cue to try to yell for help.

“Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmpphhhaaa!” Tony yelled as loudly as he could through his gag. But there was no one who could hear him.

But eventually the owner of the home came back.

“Mmmmmm!”, Tony desperately moaned again. But she didn’t hear him through the gag.

After awhile there was police and they looked all over the house. But NOT in the shed ! Again, Tony grunted through his gag and even tried kicking at the walls. But no one could hear his gagged cries for help.

After several hours the cops left and so the owner, leaving Tony all lone in the shed, to wait out the week end bound and gagged on the dusty floor.

This job sucks, Tony thought.

The End

Tony played by Dominic
Photography by Sammy

Date of Production:06/23/2011

Tags: story, tape gag, boots, hands behind back

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