Caught Fuzz by Caitiff

22 photos; 4:33 video

“Mmmm!”, Officer Ronald Daltry grunted through his gag. He couldn’t believe he had been XXXX while on the beat. He hadn’t seen it coming. One minute he was in his squad car finishing his reports, the next minute a gloved hand was reaching through the window with a wet cloth reeking of chemicals.

Ronald woke up in some apartment he had never seen before. However he did recognise some of his XXXXs as Donnie Bertucchi’s thugs. The same Donnie Bertucchi that had half the police under his thumb.

“Hey, he’s awake!” one of the thugs said, checking on the ropes that bound the XXXX cop’s hands securely behind his back. They sat Ronald’s ass on a kitchen stool and then tied up his legs with more rope.

“Mmmmpphhh mmm?!”, Officer Daltry protested.

“Man, this pig sure makes a lot of noise for being gagged!”, One of the XXXXs commented.

One of his buddies threw him a heavy cloth. “Then gag his mouth some more until you can’t hear him no more!”

Ronald Was gagged even more with the foul smelling rag wrapped over the cleave gag he already had. He decided that silence was the better the course for now lest they start shoving any more into his mouth.


“All right, uh huh...”, Officer Daltry could hear one the thugs talking on his phone. “Yeah, he’s sitting tight. Yeah.. sure boss.”

The thug, probably the leader of this bunch, hung up his cell and went over to the captive cop.

“You should have taken that bribe money, pig. If you had just minded your own business, none of this would have needed to happen. But now you got sit tight here while some guys come to take you to do some cement work.”

“Mmm!”, Officer Daltry grunted for all the good it did. He was made even more helpless with a blind fold.

“So what we do now?”, Ronald heard another thug ask.

“We’ve done out part. Now our package sits here for the cleaners. “

“You feel like Italian?”
“Sure, our boy can be by himself for a while.”

Oh God, were these guys actually dumb enough to leave him alone?

When the door shut and Ronald couldn’t hear anyone else in the room, he guessed they were. This was his one chance.

Carefully he stood up. Though bound hand and foot, Daltry could still hop. He couldn’t see but he remembered how the room had been set up before he had been blind folded. He made small hops at first to what he thought was the door. Sure enough he eventually felt the door.

Unfortunately as he tried to open it with his bound hands, he slipped and fell on his ass to the floor.

“Mmm!”. Ronald grunted into his gag. Still he didn’t give up. He rolled on the floor until he was able to get back on his feet again. From there he found the door but this time took a few moments to rub his face against the ledge, loosening his gag and blind fold.

Now able to see, he realised that the door had been locked the entire time. Ronald unlocked the door, opened it and bunny hopped to the street where a little old lady walking her dog was able to untie him.

The End

Officer Ronald Daltry played by Cliff
Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production: 11/15/2009

TAgs: police, otm gag, uniform,, blidnfold, socks, story

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