Dragging Ass By HumiliatedGuyz

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David knew one thing. He was definitely quitting this softball team.
He knew he now had rugburn all down his back. The drawbacks to being taken, he guessed. Taken by his own teammate! He'd been in the locker room, trailing behind the other guys who already left to go for the customary post-game beer. All was quiet as he prepared to strip and get in the shower. That's when Rennie came out from behind a row of lockers.
"Hey Dave."
"Hey Rennie. Sorry that Coach benched you cuz' of your hand."
"Ah, it's no problem. You might even be a better pitcher than me."
"Aw, no way. Why aren't you already at O'Malley's?"
"I had some business to take care of."
David looked at him quizzically. That's when he noticed Rennie was holding something behind his back. Something that looked like rope.
"Uh, what's that for?"
Rennie merely grinned.
Cut to him bound hand and foot, gagged with his own socks (YUCK), and being dragged like a sandbag down the length of the hallway. They played at the local university's field who were kind enough to let them use their locker room. David was now being dragged through the hallways of their sports center. 
All he could taste was his own sweaty feet. He was trying not to puke. Rennie had said this was some good-natured hazing that had happened to the whole team but David thought this might be a little too convoluted for an initiation ritual.  Man, Rennie could really tie some knots, the more he squirmed and tried to get his hands and feet undone, the tighter the knots seemed to get. He was totally helpless.
Suddenly they entered some kind of storeroom. It looked like his humiliating journey was over.
"Well, here we are," Rennie announced.
"Mmmoo vvbbeffer mmuntie me," David grunted through his disgusting gag.
"What's that? Sorry, I can't understand you with that sock in your mouth. HAHAHHAHAHA."
He's about as funny as syphilis, David thought. But that sock stuffed in his mouth was going nowhere so communication was nil, he really had to convince...WHAT THE FUCK?
Rennie rolled him over! And pantsed him! And he was only wearing a jock! 
"MMMOPPPGGHRRHRHRH!!!!" David gag-talked.
"Hmmm, just look at these big white cakes. What's that? You feel sore? Well, seeing as I've been demoted in favor of you, I guess I'll be the team's physical trainer. You might need one of my special patented butt massages," Rennie announced grandly.
With a groan, and the cool air of the building alighting on his bare, hairy buttcheeks, David felt Rennie take ahold of his buttcheeks like they were two stress balls. AND SQUEEZE.
"MMmmeemmpph mmmooot mmma mmmmssage! Mmoool mmyy mmmucking mmmmants mup mand mmet mmee mo!"
Translation: That's not a massage! Pull my fucking pants up and let me go!"
Rennie ignored David's frantic and now angry mmpphing. He was too busy molesting the hell out of David's bubble butt. Rennie spanked it, he squeezed it, he jiggled it, he fondled it, he pinched it, he spanked it, and he poked it. David also felt some fingers poking into no man's land - his buttcrack! He growled and groaned and tried to roll over to protect his helpless ass but SPANK "MOW!" it was just SPANK "MOW!" no use SPANK "MOW!"
By the time Rennie turned him over again to stare smilingly at his yellow pouched bulge, David felt like his ass had been through a cheese grater. To Rennie's credit, "the hazing" didn't involve taking David's dick out of his jock. But it did involve Rennie rolling him back to the ass up position. And using some extra rope he brought along to hog tie him!
This was all a new experience for David and his throbbing buns. He'd never been tied up, not even playing as a kid. He'd never felt so helpless and ineffectual. And now Rennie was leaving!
"Well Dave, welcome to the team. Hope you liked your butt massage. You had a lot to work with back there but I did my best. At least now you've gotten a taste of humility and won't be so cocky on the mound. Have a good night!"
Rennie left. David couldn't believe it! Rennie was going to leave him there - bound and gagged and spanked - to get free on hiw own!
"MMMMMPPPHHHHHH!!!," he screamed.

The Bound Guy played by David
The Spanker played by Remy
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Date of Production: 06/05/2018

Tahs: twink, bad guy, groped, stripped, butt, socks, stuff gag

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