Me Time by Kirkone

32 photos; 4:21 video


            Jesse flipped the remote, passing through more channels. “Hey man, I HATE when you do that,” his buddy said.  “Try and stay focused on one show.”  “Jesse flipped him the finger, and kept flipping the remote.  He stopped finally.  “Will you look at what they did to that guy,” he said.
            On the HDTV flatscreen in their bedroom was a guy, in his twenties, all tied up.  The room was one fire, and the dude, hogtied, was struggling like some wildman to get free.  The camera did a close up on the ropes binding him.
           “Not even real,” Jesse’s buddy said.  “Look at that.  Its takes away from the terror.  “If I had to be tied like that, it would have to be tight so at least the struggle would look real!” Jesse said.  “I would love to think what it would be like to be so helpless.  Tied up - by the bad guys while the house was burning down.”
             Jesse’s buddy smiled.  “I can tie you up if you want to try it, and bet you would get out!”
            Jesse looked at him and smiled.  “Sure.  Let’s role play it.  I am some witness and you have to XXXX me off before I testify in court.  Tied up, the house is set on fire, and if I don’t get out……..”

            “I’ll be back,” his buddy said.  Jesse lay on the bed and watched the dude easily free himself and run out of the house before it exploded in flames. 
            “Lay on your belly!”  Jesse looked, and his buddy had a black face mask, a fake XXXX, rope, a rag and some packing tape.  Jesse smiled.  “This should be good he thought.”  He turned on his belly and put his hands behind his back for his buddy to bind them.  “Why are you doing this to me?” he asked.  “Shut the fuck up!”  His buddy stuffed the rag in Jesse’s mouth and taped it close.  Jesse moaned as his buddy tightened his wrists.  “He seems to be enjoying this and knows how to make it tight,” Jesse thought as he tried moving his wrists.  “Too tight?”  Jesse shook his head no.   Pulled by his hair, his captor looked him right in his popping eyes:  “No way are you going to testify tomorrow.  I plan to hogtie you and burn this house down with you in it!”
             Jesse felt his heart racing and all of a sudden it seemed real to him.  It was perfect his thought.  Jesse tried to run off the bed to get away, but his buddy roughly pushed him down, grabbed his ankles in an arm lock and quickly tied his feet.  “There, bound hand and foot and gagged.”  Jesse lost himself in the role play and started to beg in his gag while his buddy added more rope to his legs.
            Grabbing the remote, he activated the DVR and replayed the show where the house blew up.  Jesse was bound, prone on the bed, listening to his tormentor.  “That dude got it for he was not tied like you. You are going to fry!”  Jesse checked his ropes.  They were tight and real. He realized it would he hard to get out.

            “Now watch this.”  Jesse struggled but his buddy pulled his legs back and hogtied him.  “Brace yourself!”  His buddy pushed Jesse off the bed and he thudded on the floor.  “Real enough?”  Jesse nodded.  “OK, get out!”
            Jesse began to struggle and buck but, after 10 minutes he lay back in his ropes, exhausted.  His buddy pulled his gag off.  “That was awesome, I would never have gotten out of that,” Jesse said.  To his surprise, his buddy replaced the gag and tape. “That’s good, for you wanted it real!  Now, have a good night and I’ll see you for golf in the morning!”  
            Jesse began to realize that his buddy was going to leave him bound and gagged until he got free.  Now it was real. 
            Jesse was alone.
            “Fuck, this is awesome,” Jesse thought as he began his struggles to the wee hours of the morning.


Jesse played by Kent

Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production: 12/18/2007

tags: tape gag, hog tie, strip, socks, muscle, story

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