Silk Tie by Caitiff

22 photos; 4:14 video

The neon sign of the Silken Tie flashed gaudy colours in both English and Japanese.  Reggie took a deep breath.  He had only ben in Tokyo a few days since he started his promotion as sales rep for the Asian division.  Of course  he had only gotten the job because he was the only one in the office who already knew Japanese.  He only knew that because he had needed the collage credit.  He had never been outside the United States before now.
    Now after working fifteen hours days, Reggie finally had a day off and he was going to use it.  He had been embarrassed asking the guy at the hotel  for a good place to “relax”.  But the man seemed to understand what Reggie meant by “relaxation”.
    Reggie entered the building and was greeted by a very nice looking woman.
    “Greetings Mr. Chen.  Your hotel told us to expect you”
    Wow, Reggie hadn’t been expecting that kind of service.  It soon got better.  Two beautiful women came out from the back and led Reggie to a rather nice room.
    “Shibari?”, one of the girls asked, producing a long red silken rope. 
    Reggie nodded.  He had never tried being tied up but it seemed like fun.  The rope was twisted and looped around his body.  Then his expensive silk tie was taken off and used to gag him.  Reggie was enjoying himself so much that he didn’t notice the two men who entered the room until they were grabbing him and taping his eyes shut.
    Reggie was hustled out of the room and down some stairs.  He could do nothing as his hands were XXXX behind his back and tied tightly by what felt like the same kind of rope the girls had used.  After a minute when he though his captors might not have been looking, Reggie twisted his hands to test the ropes but he could find no slack.
    His shirt was ripped open and his pockets emptied. 

    “Mmph!?” Reggie moaned and was slapped for his trouble.
    “Put him in the chair”, Reggie heard.  Reggie was shoved backwards and fell into the mentioned chair.  His shoes were removed and his feet tied to opposite ends of the chair.  Tape was put over his mouth so that Reggie couldn't spit this cleave gag out.
    “Mmmmm.” Reggie moaned again despite himself but this time the men didn’t hit him.
    Reggie could hear the men moving around and the sounds grew fainter. He presumed he was alone.  Desperately he struggled against his bonds but he could find neither slack nor any knots to pick at.
    Reggie didn't’ know how long he stayed like that.  He continued to struggle.  However it was obvious to Reggie he was not getting away anytime soon.
    Reggie froze when he heard foot steps.  A hand fumbled about his face and cruelly ripped off the tape over Reggie’s eyes.
    Reggie’s eyes adjusted to the light. He was in a basement.  Reggie didn’t recognise the man standing in front of him but the man clearly knew of him.
    “Mr. Chen. We apologise for your ill treatment.”
    “Mmmpphh?!”  Reggie grunted, hoping the man would ungag him.  But his captor seemed content to have a one sided conversation.
    “You are engaged in some negotiations at the moment I beleive.  I would appreciate if you altered your strategy a little bit so that we all may benefit.”  By the way the man spoke, Reggie could guess his benefit would be keeping al his extremities intact.
    “No need to decide now. “, the man sXXXXped his fingers and the two goons reappeared,”My employees will take care of you.  I know they are not as delicate as the young women you had previously but they can still be quite entertaining.  You did pay for an entire night after all.”
    What?  No!  He didn't want to be man handled by two thugs in some dingy basement!   
    “Mmmm!”  Reggie protested, for all the good it did.
    “Excellent! Then it’s agreed.  The men will take car of you tonight and tomorrow morning we can discuss if we have a deal ..or not.  In which case my friends can entertain you some more to help change your mind.  Good night.”
    The man left, leaving Reggie alone with the two burly thugs.
    Reggie was not relaxed.


The End

Model: Jace
Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production 02/16/2009

tags: tape gag, strip, chair tie, socks

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