Pink Slips and Notes by CAitiff

28 photos; 5:25 video

Get in there!” A rough voice commanded as Rob was pushed into what he presumed was a room.

Being blindfolded he couldn’t tell. Now could he do anything about the rough treatment, his hands already being hand cuffed behind his back.

Blind and helpless, Rob lost his balance and fell down to one knee on the floor. “MMmmm!”, Rob grunted through the gag over his mouth.

Only an hour before Rob had been relaxing in his office, getting ready to sell off his company and retire to a nice getaway in Key West. OF course everyone in the company would be laid off but Rob would be just fine. Wasn’t that all that mattered?

But as Rob was chilling, two men in masks broke in and grabbed him! Rob had his hands hand cuffed behind his back. A blind fold was tied over his mouth.

“What do you wa..mmmmm!?” Rob’s question was never finished as a rag was shoved into Rob’s mouth. Layers and layers of duct tape was wrapped around to seal the cloth in, keeping Rob quiet.

Damn, should not have fired the security first, Rob thought as he was dragged away to some unknown location.

Now here he was on the cold hard floor, his knees hurting, his hands sore and the rag in his mouth sodden with spit.

How far he had fallen.

Rob was dragged to his feet and shoved against a wall. One of his hands was uncuffed. But before Rob ha d a chance to rub his sore wrists, his hands were re cuffed in front of him to a pipe. Rob wouldn't’ be going anywhere.

“Lets hope you’re company thinks you’re worth what we’re asking to give you back”, Rob heard one of the XXXXs say. He then heard a door close and silence.

Shit why did they have ot XXXX him today of all days? he had just laid everybody off. His employees might be less then eager to authorize the funds to pay Rob’s ransom.

Thinking himself alone, Rob tried to lift the blind fold. He clawed at his gag. But before he could get very far with either, a hand grabbed his head.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, asshole!?”

Damn, Rob wasn't’ alone after all.

Rob was released from the pipe and then had his hands cuffed behind his back to a strut against the wall.

“Mmmmm!” Rob protested the rough treatment. He couldn’t believe this was happening. What had Rob had ever done to deserve any of this. “There, now you can wait. And hope your company comes through quick with that money before I lose my patience.”, the other XXXX said.

Rob gulped behind his gag, hoping no one got the pink slips before they paid the ransom.

The End

Rob played by Dean
Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production:08/23/2012
tags: bear, suit, blindfold, tape gag, story

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