Prisoner Control by Kirk

23 photos; 3:57 video


            “It’s 3 AM!  What the fuck?”
            Jake looked at his roommate and the clock again.  He lifted his head and looked at the alarm panel on their bedroom wall.  “Basement laundry it says,” Jeff, rubbing his eyes replied.  “Probably a fuckin rat,” Jake answered, “but I better take a look.”  Jake and Jeff, private security consultants, fired up their laptop.  Once online, they picked up their house monitors.  In the basement, by the washer and dryer, there was a man …
            “The fuckin escaped convict they spoke about on the news.  Look at his prison shirt!  He’s trying to steal some street cloths!”  Jeff picked up the phone to call 911 when Jake stopped him.  “Hey, there might be a reward for this one, and, besides, we know how to tie a guy up!”  Jeff smiled.  They sure did!
            Dan was looking at the jeans he took out of the dryer, seeing if they would fit him, when the laundry room door burst open and the room flooded with light.  Dan was about to flee through the window he smashed to gain entrance when Jeff and Jake were all over him, smashing his head with the but of an object,  the convict collapsing on the floor.
            “Ok, let’s tie him up!”
            Dan awoke.  He shook his head.  He realized he was gagged.  He tried to move his hands to the bump on the back of his head, but realized they were restrained.  He struggled to his knees.  There was an old mirror on the floor.  He looked behind his back.  Rope.  Lots of rope.  Binding his crossed wrists and his arms behind his back.  He began at once to struggle to free his hands when he heard laughter.  He looked and saw Jeff and Jake, holding more rope in their hands.  “Ready to finish the job?”

            Dan began to kick widely with his legs but Jeff got his feet into an arm lock as Jake began to bind his ankles and legs.  They had removed his shoes and socks when they XXXX him out, to discourage his trying to flee.  Now the rope was digging into his flesh near his feet.  Dan fought to escape his legs from being restrained, knowing he would be helpless if they were tried.  He kept kicking.  Jake kept tying him, while Jeff ripped opened his shirt and began to lash his fist into the convict’s gut until Dan quieted down, panting for breath, totally bound and gagged.
            “Now what should we do with him,” Jeff asked, taking a large kitchen knife from a draw and beginning to trace it on Dan’s heaving chest.  ‘Want some tattoos?” Jake asked.  Dan kept quiet, his eyes downward, terrified, and wondering how they planned to torture him. “Just turn me in,” he mumbled.
            “Turn you in?  There is no reward yet.  When the reward gets to $10 grand well then we’ll turn you in.” 
            They hogtied Dan.
           “Oh, by the way, this is the coldest night of the year.  Too bad you broke that window over there.”  Jeff lowered the thermostat, turning off the heat to this part of the basement after he closed off the water lines to prevent the pipes from freezing.  “Must be 10 below tonight!  So, you can say, we are ‘keeping you on ice!’”
            Dan was wide eyed as the lights went dark, the door closed and locked. 
            He fought his bonds until exhausted, shivering bare chested with bare feet on the cold concrete floor.


The End


Dan played by Danny

Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production: 08/21/2008

Tags: Story, bare feet, cleave gag

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