Where Am I by Soft Touch

20 photos; 3:09 video

 by SoftTouch

            It was well after midnight when Larry came out of the back door of the club and walked over to his car.  He was just about to open the door when he heard a strange voice calling “Larry….”
            “What?  Who’s there?”
            Pain exploded against the back of Larry’s skull, bright sparks jumped in front of his stunned eyes, and then everything went dark.
            A long time later, Larry opened his eyes and shook his head as he tried to get the dull ringing out of his ears.  Then he looked around and saw that he was in some place that he had never been before.  “Where am I?” he tried to ask, but that was when he discovered that he couldn't close his mouth because his mouth was all full of cloth.  What the hell?
            Larry tried to pull the strange cloth out of his mouth, but that was when he discovered that he couldn't move his hands.  They were tied behind his back and now he could feel the tight ropes biting into his skin.  What was going on here?  And then Larry heard footsteps coming toward him.
            Two big guys looked down at the captive Larry.  Both of them were dressed in expensive suits, and both of them had dark glasses over their eyes.  One guy had a full beard hiding most of his face and he was carrying more ropes in his hands.
            “We ain't done tying you up yet.  You want to be cooperative or do you want us to give you some more lumps?”
            Larry shook his head slowly back and forth and made frightened gurgling sounds as he choked some of his drool down his throat.  Larry had never seen these two guys before, but he had been hanging around the club and running errands long enough to recognize the type.  These were the kind of guys you never wanted to fool around with, and now they had Larry.
            So Larry was real cooperative and only whimpered a little when they took hold of his body and then began tying more tight ropes all around his thighs ands his ankles.  What did they want?  What were they going to do to him?  Then they pulled the last knot tight and pushed Larry back down on the floor.
            “You've been a very bad boy, Larry,” the one without a beard said.
            “What—?” Larry choked on the gagging cloth.  What had he done?  Larry always did just what he was told.  He was too frightened of guys like this to ever take a chance on crossing the boss or doing anything stupid.
            “You were supposed to deliver a certain package Larry,” the bearded one said.
            “Yea, what happened to that package?” the other one echoed.
            What package were they talking about?  Did they mean that shoulder bag that he gave to Murphy last night?  If that’s what it was, then Murphy had that bag now.

             Like he was reading Larry’s thoughts, the bearded one growled; “Only two people had their hands on that package, you and Murphy.  Now one of you is lying.”
            Larry shook his head from side to side and made all kinds of frightened noises into the soggy gag cloth while he tried to tell them that he didn't do anything wrong.
            “Yea, yea that’s what they all say.  Well one of you is lying.”
            “Better make him more comfortable before we go to pick up Murphy,” the bearded one advised.
            Then both men grabbed Larry with their big hands and bent and twisted him up to fit the tight ropes that they were lashing between Larry’s ankles and his wrists.
            Larry whimpered and begged them not to make those ropes so tight.
            But the two men just ignored him while they bent Larry in half again and then tied even more rope between the back of his neck and the back of his thighs.  After that Larry couldn't move at all.  He could hardly breathe.
            “Do yourself a favor Larry-boy,” the clean-shaven one warned his captive.  You lay here real quiet and don't make any fuss.”
            “Yea we won't be gone long, and then you can help us find out the truth.”
            Then the clean-shaven one laughed.  “Yea, it’s been a long time since I gave some punk a haircut and a shave.”  Then he leaned in closer to Larry.  “Yea, I can start by clipping all of that fur off of your face and then some other places, and then you can decide just how close you want to be shaved.”
            “Oh no!  They wouldn't dare do something like that!  Larry squealed into his mouthful of cloth and he tried pulling on the tight ropes.
            But the two men just laughed at him as they went out and closed the door.
            Then Larry lay all alone in the really quiet room and waited for whatever was going to happen to him next.




Larry played by Hal
Photography by Caitiff


Date of Production: 02/25/2006

Tags: cleave gag, twink, hog tie, story

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