On Ice

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Rex was one of the city's best private detectives. So it was no surprise to him when he received a call from the Mayor to catch the biggest crime lord the city has ever seen. The mayor was so frustrated that the police couldn't figure out who this crime lord was, that he offered Rex one million dollars as a reward. The local papers merely refered to the crime lord as Mister X. However this didn't scare Rex. He has been harder cases before and this was nothing new.

Rex thought to himself, if he catches this guy then he'll be set. With that kind of money he can grow his business, hire other detectives, and take on more cases. Rex went straight to work to find Mister X. Weeks went by as the evidence piled up. He was getting close and could feel it.

The phone rang. Rex answered it. It was a man claiming to work for Mister X. The man had worked for him for years and was felt up with being cut out of the profits. The man wouldn't give his name over the phone for fear of being taped, so they set up a meeting under a local bridge that leads out of the city. Seemed a little cliché, Rex thought, but if he got the evidence he needed he would meet just about any where.

Rex went to meeting spot and waited. Rex looked at his watch. The contact was late.

“I hear you've been looking for me.” a voice from behind said. Rex turned around and immediately felt a blow to the head. He fell to the ground. He tried to get a glimpse of who hit him but lost consciousness before he could.

Rex awoke with a splitting headache. His hands were bound behind him and he had duct tape covering both his eyes and his mouth. How could he get himself into this situation? He should have known better. He sat up and realized that his legs weren't tied. So he got up and tried to find a way out. That's when an arm grabbed him from behind.

“Where do you think you’re going?” the voice said as Rex was pushed into a corner. Rex could feel as more ropes were wrapped around his chest. He could feel them digging into chest, tighter and tighter.

“On your knees!” the voice demanded as Rex was pushed to the ground. Rex tried to look around for a chance to see his captor. If he raised his head enough he could barely see out the bottom of the tape, but it was not enough to see what was going on. Even more ropes started to bind Rex. This time his legs and feet.

“Much better. Now you're probably wondering what's going on.” the voice said.

Rex couldn't believe this. Not only captured, but now he has to listen to an evil monologue. Was this a real life crime story?


“Well keep wondering. I figured why tell you. You're not going to be around long enough for it to matter. But I'm in a giving mood. So here ya go.” The tape from Rex's eyes was removed. Slowly the world began to fade into focus. As soon as it did, Rex realized that his captor was none other than the Mayor himself. So many questions raced through Rex's mind. Biggest question of all, why would the mayor hire a detective to find his crime lord alter ego? However before he could even ask a question through the gag, his world was plunged back into darkness.

“Now you sit tight and don't go anywhere. Because you have a train to catch tomorrow.” the Mayor said. Then Rex heard footsteps walk away. Rex began to struggle against the ropes. He may have been blindfolded but Rex could tell that the Mayor had foolishly left him alone.

Hours passed as Rex struggled and struggled. He was getting exhausted but he could feel he was getting somewhere with the ropes. Finally he got his hands free. He began untying the rest of his body. When he got to his feet, his shoe fell off and made a loud bump. Rex looked around to make sure no one heard. Rex then realized that he still had the blindfold on and now felt even more foolish. Luckily no one seemed to hear the loud bump his show made.

Now that Rex was untied, he put his shoe on, and quietly made his way out the only door he saw. Rex was even more determined to bring “Mister X”, or as it's been revealed The Mayor, to justice. So this case goes a lot deeper than some crime lord. If the mayor is involved, who knows who else is involved. Rex is going to have to be a lot more careful before meeting another possible snitch.

Rex played by:Himself
Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production:03/04/2013

Tags: story, cleave gag

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