The Meeting By Latoo

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It was a very tense business negotiations going on in the small office in New York.
There was Chris in the white shirt, James with the blue shirt and glasses, Rich in the
black vest, and Jason in the blue shirt without glasses. They had come together in the
interests of their separate companies to each make their case to merge with the Megalo
corporation. It would make millions of dollars for all of the higher ups; as for everyone
else, most of them would lose their jobs because there wouldn’t be much need for them.
One accountant knew this was wrong and wanted to take action, Mr. Chris Latoo” found
out about this illegal activity when he was going over the books for the quarterly fiancé
review. He wasn’t about to let some upper class money-whoring pigs screw him over,
but there was a problem. He really didn’t have evidence of wrong doing to go on so he
couldn’t tell the SEC. But he knew he wasn't going to lose his job without a fight.
After thinking about it, he thought of a better way to handle the situation. So, after a few
days of preparing and gathering his necessary supplies, he managed to sneak into the
office minutes before the actual meeting started. He hid in the closet and waited for his
moment to strike. Using XXXX, Mr. Latoo managed to XXXX out the Megalo
representative and take his place. Soon he would be able to put his plan into action.
Even as Latoo was getting ready, he could hear the reps trying to negotiate among
“Look.” Chris said. “I see what you’re saying, but I need to confer with my bosses about
“Yeah.” James agreed. “Me too. I need to call them… this might take awhile.”
“Fine fine.” Jason smiled. “Do what you need to do. I’ll just going to stay here and relax.”
“Hah!” Latoo gave a quick chuckle. “Here’s my chance!”
Mr. Latoo stuck his head out and called to Jason, "I'm ready for you now."
Jason followed Latoo into the office as Latoo closed the door.
"Ok before you begin, I'd would like for you to answer a question.
"Sure. What is it?"
"Mr. Latoo handed him a cloth, "Does this smell like XXXX to you?"
It was only about five minutes when Jason awoke once again. This time he realized that
he was tied up with red rope and gagged with blue bandana.
As Jason was about to cry out, Latoo’s big strong hand came his mouth.
“MMM!” Jason groaned.
“Now now.” Latoo whispered. ‘I don’t want the other party guests to know what I have in
store for them just yet.”
“Ahhh…” Latoo held his head. “I almost forgot…”
Latoo took some white rope he brought along and quickly and tightly tied up Jason’s
“MMMM!” Jason let out. “MMMMPH!”
“My. You are a loud one.” Latoo commented. “Luckily, my white tape here can change
After ripping a strip of tape and gagging Jason with it, Mr. Latoo knew he was ready for
phase two.
Mr. Latoo stuck his head out the door once again, this time to Rich, "Ok, if you are
ready, Mr. Montoya."
As Rich entered the room, he immediately saw Jason tied up on the chair.
“Umm…” Rich started. “What the fuc… OW!”
Latoo snuck up behind Rich and clocked him over the head. Rich fell to the floor as
Jason watched helplessly.
“Awww.” Latoo said. “This kid is way too young to become corrupted by the business
About five minutes, when Rich slowly stirred from Jason continued muffled cries.
“mmmm…” Rich grunted through the tight cleave gag in his mouth. “Come on… wake
up.” Latoo shoved Rich.
“MMM!” Rich was startled awake.
Rich looked at Jason and then noticed he was tied up also.
“Hehehe.” Latoo said. “Two is better than one. But, before I forget…”
Latoo took his white rope and tied up Rich’s feet so he couldn’t run away. He also took
the tape and gagged Rich again so he wouldn’t hear Rich’s big mouth.
“You guys look so cute together.” Latoo complimented.
“MMMMM!” Both of them screamed back.
“You know, I think we have a little time before your other friends come to play so let’s
have some fun ourselves.”
Neither Rich nor Jason liked the sound of that. But while the others were only in the
next room, the bound and gagged men could not make a sound through their gags.
They were completely at the mercy of Mr. Latoo!

To Be Continued

Jason played by Taylor
Rich played by Rawy
Chris played by Zac
James played by JMZ
Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production:09/26/2009

Tags:Story, DOuble, chair tied, suit, tape gag

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