Corporate Raiding by Caitiff

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Corporate Raiding
by Caitiff
Cont'd from "The Meeting"
Chris looked at his watch. The first two guys had gone into to make their presentations
quite a while ago. He thought at least one fo them would have come out but no one had.
He hoped they weren't’ conspiring with Megalo to do a deal before Chris could even
make his case.
James sat beside Chris and also wondered what was taking so long. At least he had a
magazine. James was just happy he was away from his insane boss. The guy paid well
but he was crazy, always coming up with reasons to get his employees bound and
gagged. If the money hadn’t been so great James would have left long ago. At least
here he was safe among normal people who didn’t go around tying up people.
In the office behind closed doors where neither James nor Chris could see, Rich and
Jason sat in their chairs, bound tightly with rope. Both men grunted into their gags. They
dared not struggle too much though. Their captor, Mr. Latoo stood only a few feet away.
“Mmmm!”, Jason moaned into his tight cleave gag as Mr. Latoo tied his feet together
with white rope. He still couldn't’ believe this was happening. What did this guy want?
Why was he doing this?
Rich also had no idea what was going on. This was supposed ot be a simple meeting to
get his employers a deal with Megalo Inc. Instead he had been the first one tied up with
a tape gag wrapped around his head. He could only sit and watch in XXXX as one of his
competitors was given the same treatment.
If only the remaining two guys outside could figure out what was going on in here, Rich
and Jason thought simultaneously. However Rich was already too well gagged to make
any real noise. Mr. Latoo soon made sure Jason was the same way, putting layer after
layer of tape over Jason’s already cleave gagged mouth.
“My don’t you two look cute together?”, Mr. Latoo sneered as he finished gagging his
latest hostage, “What will I do with all of you when I get the full set?”
Neither of the bound and gagged men, sitting helplessly in their chairs, liked the way he
said that. Both Rich and Jason knew they could do nothing to stop Mr. Latoo and
whatever he wanted to do with them.
“Well , better get ready for the next one. Hmm, which one should I grab next? The one
in that tacky white shirt with white tie? Or the other guy in blue. Both are kinda cute. “
“Mmmm!” Rich moaned.
“Mmmpphhaaammmm?!”, went Jason.
“Ahh yes, the one in white. Sure. It’s not like I won’t get you all when I’m finished. “
Of course neither Rich nor Jason had said that but Mr. Latoo seemed to be insane.
Mr. Latoo got out his rag and XXXX to XXXX out his next victim. With his attention
away from his current hostages, Rich and Jason saw their chance. As quickly and
quietly as they could, they hopped up on bound feet . If only they could untie each other
or maybe remove the other’s gag so they could scream for help.
But it was too late. Mr. Latoo was already dragging an unconscious Chris into the office.
“Nice try boys. But sit your asses back down before I get nasty.”
Both men meekly obeyed, leaving Mr. Latoo time to quickly bind Chris with more rope.
As he was tying, he realised he was pretty good as getting guys tied up and gagged.
Originally he had wanted to ruin this deal and get revenge on his employer. But this was
actually kind of fun!
Chris was already well secured by the time he began to regain consciousness. “Uhh
Chris was so stunned, not just from the after effects of the XXXX but at finding
himself tied up next to also bound predecessors that he didn't’ even put up a fight. He
could only stare in disbelief at Rich and Jason as trey made moaning noises through
their tape gags.
Finally Chris seemed to regain the presence of mind to try to yell for help but by then it
was too late.
“Sorry, need you to be quiet for a while. A nice gag should fix you.”
And so Chris was gagged with a bandanna wedged tightly between his lips.
“Ok then, “Mr. Latoo laughed“ ...Three down and only one to go. Isn’t this fun?”
The three bound and gagged men were in no position to disagree...

To Be Continued

Jason played by Taylor
Rich played by Rawy
Chris played by Zac
James played by JMZ
Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production:09/26/2009

Tags: story, suit, triple, tape gag, chair bound

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