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Cont'd from "Corporate Raiding"

James was getting bored and more then a little upset. He had been sitting here almost all day, waiting for his turn to make his presentation on behalf of his employer to the Megalo Corporation. Three other representatives had already gone in before him and none had come back out. James found this weird and a bad sign. IF they were all colluding together, James might not even get a chance to make case.
James needed this deal to go through. If he could pull this deal through, he might
convince his insane boss to finally transfer him.
James got paid well, extremely well. Which was good because he had a very greedy
wife who had grown accustomed to her new easy life. But his boss was a maniac and possibly a pervert. More then once James had found himself bound and gagged by his boss as part of some sort of “Job Training”
Well, James thought to himself, maybe I could get a job with Megalo. At least here
employees didn't’ have ot worry about being tied up and gagged by crazy people in the office.
Meanwhile three men sat bound and gagged in chairs in the office, held hostage by the apparently insane Mr. Latoo.
“Mmmm!”, moaned Chris, the latest to be tied up as he shifted uncomfortably in his
chair. The ropes dug into his wrists and chest. He tried using his tongue to shove the tight cleave gag out of his mouth but it wouldn't’ budge.
Beside him sat Rich, the first one to be XXXX. He already knew it was useless to struggle. The knots were too tight, the gag too secure. The cleave gag had been made even more tight by the addition of tape would around his head.
At the end of the line of bound men, sat Jason. He was tied up like Rich, red rope
snaking across his body and a cleave gag covered up with white tape. Unintelligible
moans escaped from behind Jason’s gag every so often.
“Hmm, almost done here.” chucked Mr. Latoo. “But in the meantime, you are making too much noise!”
Both Rich and Jason knew what that meant and sure enough, Chris soon had layer
after layer of tape wrapped around his head. Now all of his moaning was reduced to
faint whispers. This was why none had been able to warn anyone in the next room.
Speaking of the person in the next room, James, blissfully unaware of the danger his was in, was growing bored with the magazine he was reading.
Mr. Latoo stuck his head out and told James it was his turn to come in.
James got up and walked into the office. He only stopped when he saw his three
predecessors sitting in chairs in front of him, each tied and gagged with terrified looks on their faces.
James got a weird sense fo Deja Vue. Then James had a strong sense of XXXX
before everything went black. “You’ll never get away with this.” was all James could say when he awoke tied up on the floor. Admittedly it was a corny line but when your bound, it’s hardly a position of strength anyway. And James knew he wouldn't’ have long to say anything.
He was right. Mr. Latoo shoved an orange rag between James’ lips and tied it behind his head.
“Sorry, but we ran out of chairs. So I guess you can just be hog tied on the floor!”
Mr. Latoo went to get more rope. It took a lot to get four grown men trussed up all at once. Meanwhile each hostage took the opportunity to fight his ropes, most of all
James. As the latest hostage, he still had plenty of energy. He also probably had more experience with being bound and gagged.
Unfortunately James was not good enough to get back before Mr. Latoo who proceeded to hog tie James on the floor.
Once he was certain James was secure, he then taped his mouth like all the others.
Chuckling at his own evil brilliance, Mr. Latoo took a moment to gloat over his hostages before he grabbed all of their business materials and ran off. Lets see them try to make a deal with Megalo now!
The bound and gagged men looked on in despair as all fo their careful work was taken.
Only James didn't’ give up. This was hardly the first time he had been tied up and he had gotten quite good at escaping. Sure enough after about 20 minutes, he managed to wiggle free of the ropes while his competitors were still sitting, moaning through their gags.
James gave them a second long glance before he ran off. They could wait. He had to
find the real Megalo rep and make a deal before the others were untied.
Back in the home office, James’ boss congratulated him on getting the account.
“This of course means a big raise!”, His boss said and James inwardly shuddered. He
knew any raise also came with more episodes of being tied up. He had enough
bondage for a while. The police never did find the maniac who had attacked him and the others.
“”Oh and let me introduce you to your new co-worker. I think you’’ll like him. He reminds me of me when I was his age.
James stood in shock as his boss opened the door and introduced James to Mr. Latoo!

The End

Rich played by Rawy
Jason played by Taylor
Chris played by Zac
James played by JMZ
Photography by Caitiff
Date of Production:09/26/2009

Tags: multiple, suit, chair tied, tape gag, story, hog tie

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